TODAY   |  April 16, 2014

Steve Schirripa: ‘I’m a big believer in karma’

The former “Sopranos” star joins TODAY to talk about his Discovery show, “Karma’s a B----,” and about his recent “Guys and Dolls” performance at Carnegie Hall.

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>>> with the big heart on "the sopranos."

>> now steve schirripa is hosting " karma 's a beep", where regular people get to exact their revenge.

>> and like two friends who thought they were dating great guys, when it turned out it was the same guy, so they got him back. take a look.

>> the girls did their homework. habanero peppers could put a whole new spin on a hot new relationship.

>> i pull the subwoofer out enough to lift up the carpet in the back of trunk. i put carpet down and put the subwoofer back like nothing had happened.

>> a man's sports car is his temple. and ryan's temple -- well, let's just say it's been tampered with.

>> oh! steve is with us.

>> you get to work with two beautiful girls and they pay you?

>> isn't it incredible?

>> you should pick up your paycheck with a gun and a mask. you're stealing nbc's money.

>> trust me, i'm window dressing. i know my role.

>> we love this. we love this show. the whole group of women known as i.d. addicts, they love these shows, especially when it involves getting people back. do you believe in karma ?

>> oh, absolutely. absolutely. i created the show and i produce it. it's our second season. i am a big believer in karma . you do wrong to someone, something wrong's going to happen to you. and these people, a lot of them are victims. they push karma along a little, you know? a lot of people want karma , but they don't want to do it. they say god will punish him. then let god do the whacking, you know i mean? they don't want responsibility. but these people have pushed karma along. guy's wife walked out on him, 12 years. left her wedding dress . she just walked out, broke his heart. he found 101 ways to use the wedding dress . he brought it on picnics. he painted, he took it to ball games . he did construction work on it. wound up writing a book, meeting a new partner, helped his broken heart , you know? so there's all these stories. these girls, they met this great guy. two good friends. they find out it's the same guy. the guy doesn't know to this day. when he sees the show, he's going to know, because he didn't know that it was them. and we interview each and every one of the victims, or these people. a girl makeup artist raising her 17-year-old daughter dreamed to buy a townhouse. her friend says, we could double your money, blah blah blah . loses her life savings. cops won't help her. goes to the news. winds up getting the guys, they get 20 years. so there's all these stories of people who have been done wrong and they are going to get their revenge, whether it be money-wise, self-satisfaction to repair a broken heart . so real stories . we have everyone on camera. it's been a lot of fun. it's lighter than i.d. usually does because there's a lot of mayhem and murder.

>> you keep it fun.

>> this is a little more lighthearted.

>> and as you said, these are all true stories . you've been very busy. you just did some broadway work. for the first time. you were in "guys and dolls."

>> i did "guys and dolls," a benefit for carnegie hall . me, a fat guy from brooklyn at carnegie hall . willie, it was -- i've done a lot of stuff, i've been doing this quite a long time. i've never been so scared in all my life.

>> you didn't have a lot of time to prepare for the role. like six hour.

>> we had nine days. nathan lane , all broadway stars. 36-piece orchestra. it was about ten days ago. and i woke up in the middle of the night having a nightmare that i was going to go blank on my lines.

>> can you show us some stuff?

>> no, i'm not doing anything.

>> " luck be a lady "?

>> i just mouthed.

>> i think we have some of it. just the audio, okay. luck be a lady tonight

>> you can hear me in that. see, that was me. that strong voice. the baritone.

>> it's amazing how they mix that.

>> i was going to say, this is range, from "the sopranos" to "guys and dolls."

>> nathan lane asked me to do it. it was just a wonderful -- i mean, i've always known how talented they are, but it was a scary, scary thing. they said did you have fun? i have fun now thinking about it.

>> you can catch the season two premier of " karma 's a beep" thursday night.

>> you can't say that word.

>> not on network television .