TODAY   |  April 16, 2014

Christopher Meloni ‘consumed’ by ‘Best Butt’ title

Actors Christopher Meloni and Dean Morris join TODAY to talk about their new film, “Small Time,” playing best friends who own a used car lot together. Meloni talks about the attention paid to his derriere.

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>> up.

>> christopher and dean, good morning.

>> did you send in that clip?

>> i did.

>> it was all you.

>> i know.

>> that's all it's been the whole time.

>> we know you guys as tough law enforcement types, but what was it like playing used car salesmen?

>> cuddly and lovable.

>> a lot of poetry. it was very nice. it was cute.

>> are you guys taking this on the road, vegas any time soon?

>> there is prime rib .

>> there is a certain stigma to the used car salesman . i don't want to put too much out there. a little slimy, a little sleazy. what did you bring to these two characters?

>> as much sleaze and slime as we could muster.

>> i thought you were desleazing and desliming. but that's the level that you reached.

>> it's a tough job, though, right?

>> i think selling anything is a tough job. i just don't possess that innately, so i just followed him because he's been selling himself.

>> i've been selling some bad lines for a long time.

>> what was it about it that you found relatable? it's based on a true story . your character, the father-son struggle. is that what you enjoyed the most?

>> i didn't focus on the car selling aspect of it as opposed to the relationship. he and i had a very unique long-term bonding relationship. i had a very complicated relationship with my ex-wife, my son, played by devon bostick right there.

>> yeah, he was great, devon.

>> he is i think a breakout star in this movie. he's hilarious. explain without giving away too much of the plot what goes on here. he comes to you after high school , says i want to get in the family business , doesn't sit well with everyone in your family.

>> yeah. to be a used car salesman is kind of a loaded gun, because of my ex-wife's inability to kind of hang with that kind of lifestyle. it's either feast or famine. my son wants to join the family business . well, it's just our business together. and, you know, i'm torn because i know what it entails and maybe i'm hoping that he'll shoot for something higher.

>> so who's the better salesman here between the two of you?

>> in the show?

>> a "today" show car .

>> if you buy this car right now, you can have a picture of christopher meloni 's butt.

>> that's a nice segue. because you tweeted out recently, mr. meloni, that you have the -- this is his words. "best butt in primetime." self call.

>> was that solicited? people told you that? or you think it of your own because you looked at it?

>> no. no. i had a compact -- no. rachel harris , my co-star on "surviving jack," she started -- she lit the flame.

>> and you embraced it?

>> i felt consumed by it. i was caught in the force fire of my butt.

>> oh.

>> we've run out of time. we had a little game we were going to play. just show the first picture. can we just show the first picture? from what role is that christopher meloni rear end?

>> i'd say that's chris keller .

>> correct answer, let's see it? pop it up. yes. well-done.

>> nice.

>> gentlemen, thank you very much.

>> nicely done. the movie is hilarious. "small time" opens in select theaters, will be available on demand and on itunes