TODAY   |  April 16, 2014

Bob Harper’s veggie carbonara, shake help shed pounds fast

“The Biggest Loser’s” Bob Harper shows TODAY how to make some of the delicious and super-lean recipes from his new book, “Skinny Meals.”

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>> this morning, slimming down your meals and your waistline. for 15 seasons, fitness trainer bob harper has been motivating contestants on nbc's "the biggest loser." now he wants to help you with his new cook book , "skinny

meals: everything you need to lose weight fast." bob, good morning. this is basically a lot of the recipes behind some of the stuff you've previously written about.

>> i'm so excited about this book. i've got 100 recipes in here that are less than 350 calories and i've done all the work for you. so it's like all your protein, fat, and cassirbs are in every single male.

>> we cook three different meals. protein important in all three.

>> especially breakfast. there's a shake i have here, apple pie shake.

>> can i drink this?

>> i threw a little bit of protein powder . yeah, of course. i always say freeze your bananas. it makes it frothier. but now, let's talk about lunch. this is the veggie carbonara. this meal less than 350 calories. that's one serving. we're going to toss these vegetables in.

>> what are the general thoughts at lunch? should it be your biggest meal?

>> i try to get you to be balanced throughout the day. but at lunch, you get to have carbohydrates, so this is where you're going to get your pasta.

>> after lunch, no carbs ?

>> after lunch is absolutely no carbs , except from your vegetables. this has been stirred in. i'm going to have you give this a good stir. this is about half a cup of gluten-free pasta.

>> you could use whole grain if you wanted to or whole-wheat?

>> you use whole-wheat if you want, whatever you feel tastes better for you. then we're going to whisk this egg. this is a whole egg, and then three egg whites . so go ahead and just start stirring up that. a little basil. that's less than 350 calories. a little basil on top.

>> and that's the amount.

>> that is one serving. now let's go to dinner. this is two servings. this is a huge steak. i'm taking this out. you can just toss all those vegetables in.

>> what's the meal? just steak?

>> this is a chimichuri steak. four hounsounces, a double serving with all these vegetables. but when i'm having steak, i tend to go more well-done. this is better for me. this has been cooking a little bit. but the thing about it is you get your chimichuri steak, which is all your herbs, lemon juice , chicken broth . mix that all up in a blender and you'll be pouring it out on top. and this is one serving. remember, no carbs after lunch.

>> this is a healthy amount of food between lunch and dinner.

>> right. one thing i tell people, if you feel like you're still hungry , you can have more vegetables.

>> i always think people think with the no carb thing that it's either no carbs at all, but you can ration the carbs .

>> i'm more of a zone guy. a certain amount of protein, fat, and carbs at every single meal. your food should look like a well-balanced machine, right? and that's going to keep you moving really well. and that's why in my rules, i tell people you want carbs , but you want the right kind of carbs . if you cut them out for dinner, you'll be on track for losing weight .

>> what time should you eat dinner? can you snack after dinner?

>> i don't really have a rule when it comes to that. i like for you to go to bed hungry. if you've stopped eating about three hours before you go to bed, i think that's like a good rule of thumb . and if you feel like you're just still so starving you need something to eat at night, i would definitely tell you have a nice little snack, it could be something like a cheese stick with like a half of an apple.

>> something easy.

>> just something easy.

>> how many meals you have in the book?

>> a hundred recipes.

>> all of them under 350 calories.

>> i'm real excited about this book.

>> there he is. "skinny meals." bob harper , thank you so much.