TODAY   |  April 16, 2014

Elle editor: Women love a ‘man who has game’

The editor-in-chiefs of Elle and Esquire magazines join TODAY to talk about their experiment in trying to decode the sexes.

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>>> are from mars, women are from venus. but what if we could aline the pl -- align the planets and actually understand each other once and for all. from style to sensibility, it's no secret that men and women aren't exactly on the same page. let's get real -- even in the same book. it goes well beyond the shopping versus sports stereotype. the way we talk, think, laugh, and love. you might as well call it the great gender divide. so how do we get inside each other's heads and figure out what's really going on in there? the ladies at " elle " and the guys at "esquire" are giving it a shot. helping to unlock those age old secrets, so men and women can finally decode the opposite sex . we're going to do that right now. robbie myers is editor and chief of " elle ." david granger is the editor-in-chief at "esquire."

>> i love that your two magazines are dating now.

>> it was actually robbie 's idea.

>> i made the first move.

>> what was the idea? you obviously have a male viewership with "esquire," female with " elle ." and you thought, we should be talking to each other?

>> go ahead.

>> defer to the lady, right? we're learning.

>> it was really the idea that we wanted to decode the opposite sex for one another. i think as forward thinking as we all are, we still have best questions about why do you do the things that you do, and we thought, we know a lot about women at " elle ." so i'm so happy that " elle " is now living in "esquire."

>> what did we learn? let's start with language. what do guys need to do to better understand women ?

>> well, it's the number one thing, and you've heard it before, need to listen. and really pay attention to the details.

>> i'm sorry?

>> very funny.

>> sorry.

>> and women will give you clues along the way of what they really love and what they really care about. and the main thing is we don't need you to fix everything. we really just want you to hear us.

>> we like to vent. david , what did you inform men about how men like to communicate?

>> i think the main thing is just take us at our word. i think women sometimes have a tendency to read more into what we're saying than is actually there. if we say you look fantastic, we generally mean you look fantastic.

>> okay.

>> it's morning tv, so let's trend on this next one a little bit lightly. but dirty thoughts for men, they're not exclusive to that.

>> no. and in fact, what we found is that women have fantastic fantasy lives, if you will, and we do tend to object ifify men, whether we're on the subway --

>> to what degree? let's be specific.

>> let's just say a lot.

>> detail oriented.

>> we're very detail-oriented. we notice how you dress. we notice how the shirt fits. we notice how you look at us.

>> my fiancee is not looking at any other guy ever.

>> that's right. because she's such a lucky, lucky lady. what about you, david . this love, dating, marriage. what should we take away?

>> what should we take away. i think men are more serious about their relationships than they've ever been. especially younger men. the younger you go, the more they're interested in family and having a sustained relationship. to even a greater degree than modern women are these days. i think you just have to, you know, give men credit for wanting to be in a sustained, committed relationship .

>> you mentioned diverse chivalry.

>> i think it goes both ways. for several hundred centuries, we've been the ones supposed to open the door . now it's every once in a while , if you've got a purse, maybe carry my ipad, or whatever. i think it's just a matter of thinking about each other's needs.

>> if i can just say, one thing we really wanted to get across at " elle " is we love men. we think they're great. we don't think you're deeply flawed. we're not trying to fix you. we really admire you, and like you smell good and, you know, we like that you're different and we like -- we want to know all about you, which is really how it started.

>> let's talk fashion and style in 20 seconds. like those sweat pants that guys wear. come on, robbie , be honest.

>> listen, there's nothing a woman likes more than a man who has game. please, fellows, get something that fits. just because it fit in 1985 doesn't mean it fits now.

>> i've got to up my game, that's for sure.

>> david , you're saying if a woman asks her guy, how do i look? be prepared for an honest answer.

>> i think if you ask enough, you're going to eventually get an honest answer. generally, you look pretty good.

>> all right, thank you both so much. appreciate. i.