TODAY   |  April 16, 2014

Will, Kate and Prince George arrive in Australia

Prince George and his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, made a colorful arrival in Sydney as part two of their adventure Down Under gets underway. NBC’s Sara James reports.

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>>> little prince george making his first visit to australia . he's on a ten-day tour with his mom and dad , the duke and duchess of cambridge. and sara james is covering it for us. she's live in sydney . sara , good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, natalie . it is the day australia has been waiting for, the royal arrival at the opera house . crowds in sydney thrilled to welcome will, kate , and their little prince down under. a picture-perfect arrival down under. sydney turning on the sunshine for the duke and duchess of cambridge. kate carrying the baby the world can't get enough of. prince george might be a little prince , but he's a huge hit. everyone wants a glimpse. whether departing new zealand in dad's arms or arriving for a ten-day tour of australia in mom's, will and kate are modern royals, taking turns toting their tot. their decision to make this royal tour a bit of a family holiday has wowed the world.

>> as a new mom, she could be rather unsettled leaving him at home, distracted, worried. so i think it was a great move.

>> reporter: later, inside the iconic sydney opera house , a meet and greet with some of australia 's elite. but they weren't the only ones lucky enough to rub shoulders with royalty. excitement in the crowd today. people so thrilled to get an opportunity to meet the royals. some had a chance in person.

>> it felt really special. i felt a connection, you know.

>> reporter: with all the cameras and phones in the crowd --

>> it's not the greatest, but at least i got a selfie with kate .

>> reporter: earlier, they cuddled 12-day-old police pups. fans are so obsessed wi kate 's fashion choices, it's called the kate effect. but now there's the george effect. the world charmed by this tiny king to be. and there is a serious case of royal baby fever here. but nobody seems to want to get cured. they just want to figure out where they can next get a glimpse of the royal family during their ten-day tour. natalie ?

>> we all understand because we can't get enough of those little chubby cheeks. sara james in sydney for us. thanks so much. 8:06 right now. let's go back to everyone out on the plaza.

>> natalie , by the way, i couldn't help noticing, you're wearing yellow today.

>> it's the kate effect.

>> i was going to say, i guess you and kate middleton have been texting.

>> we bonded outside the lindo wing when i was covering the arrival of little prince george .

>> and another one of your closest friends is also wearing yellow today.

>> and katy tur, our reporter. it's the color of the day, i suppose.

>> it is. you all look