TODAY   |  April 15, 2014

Comfort kicks! Sneaker trend for spring shoes

Style expert Lilliana Vazquez says sneakers are the hot item for your feet this spring and shows off comfortable kicks for all ages, along with slip-on shoes and high-fashion sneakers with metallic colors.

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>>> good news, ladies. after years of forgoing comfort for style, the hottest shoe of the season is also the easiest to walk in.

>> from the runway to the red carpet , sneakers are everywhere this spring and here with the top picks is style expert and author of "the cheap chica's guide to style," littliana vasquez.

>> you got something for everybody here. starting with the little ones .

>> starting with the babies. even babies can get in on the sneaker trend. these are from vans, $22 to $25. they fit in the palm of your hand. not great for running for the kids, but really, really cute. for the little boy that is a mix of low tops and high tops , bohdan hbod b boden has fun color combinations. for the little girls, we like something more playful. we did great sneakers from old navy. these are glitter and pink. what little girl wouldn't love those and a high top for the girls. these are under $20, available at old navy, so cute. teens and tweens want to show off their personality. that time where they're developing their own style. great cutouts from keds and bolt bright color, printed sneakers, cheap chica approved, $14.99 at payless. we love bold frintprints. kids shoes, they grow so quickly, you do not want to spend the money on them. this is one of my new favorite trends. this is coordinating with your partner on sneakers. his and hers. mesh is a huge trend now. these are kate spade for keds, adorable. your feet can breathe in them, which is essential. then black and white , we saw a lot. all over the runway, all over fashion, now worked its way into sneakers. these are lace from steve madden . how cool? and then for men, as well. you don't want to match the sneakers exactly, but you want to be close. and then a throwback sneaker here, these are from pumas, this is having a major moment now in fashion, under $65 and, again, all about playing with color for his and her sneakers. speaking of color, there is no hotter sneaker now than the slip on. i think -- think of them as your flat for spring. replace your flats with slip-ones.

>> all over the place.

>> these are from american eagle , bright neon colors. and then pastels are huge. these are simply vera, vera wang for kohl's, under 40 bucks on those. and she's in this great leopard print slip-on. these are from tjmaxx. like slip-ones with a skirt or a dress. you can wear them with pants or shorts. this is more of a flirty, fashion forward look for spring. and then sneakers. fashionable sneakers. the key with this is you don't want to look like you're wearing sneakers to go to the gym. you want to look for details you wouldn't see on a treadmill. for example, high shine metallics. these are from adidas by selena gomez . and how cool are the iridescent ones. you get all your metallics in one. and then studded converse. a lot of people love their regular chuck taylors . we have upped these a notch with a stud.

>> these are more expensive?

>> $80 from converse. these are the hottest sneaker now, these are the air max lunar 90s from nike. beyonce is a huge fan. so comfortable. the sole on them feels like you could run a marathon on them. bold, bright colors. and lauren is wearing a fashion editor favorite. these are also a favorite of street bloggers, style bloggers. these are from new balance, the 574s, classic new balance and 80 bucks. i love them with more kind of tailored elegant separates, trench coat, in a bright white jean.

>> on the left?

>> on the last one, if you do need sneakers to wear to the gym, these are from asics. they were named the best all around cross trainer and performance sneakers can be very expensive. these are only $80.

>> i swear by asics.

>> everybody loves.

>> thank you so much.

>> thanks.

>> her book is called "the