TODAY   |  April 15, 2014

Tips to deal with hubby who eats ‘like a horse’

TODAY contributor and relationship expert Matthew Hussey chats about the annoying things about their men that drive women crazy, including a wife who needs advice to deal with a husband who’s noisy when he eats.

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>>> we are back with more of "today" on this booze day tuesday. time to get the other view with matthew hussey and today we're talking about what really annoys you when it comes to the opposite sex .

>> we sent matthew who is "today's" contributing relationship expert, new title, and the host of i heart radio's love life with matthew hussey to todd english 's olives in andsworth park to find out what drives people crazy. take a look.

>> the thing that drives me most about women particularly is the time allotment, the amount of time they take with various things.

>> i don't think there is one particular thing.

>> the thing that annoys me about women is their instability and inconsistency in thinking.

>> most annoying thing men do, act too cocky.

>> the toilet seat .

>> the toilet seat ?

>> yeah, not putting it down. i've been there twice, so i know.

>> i'm ready for dinner at 8:00. my wife never has been ready for dinner at 8:00.

>> one day they say something the next day they're not?

>> right.

>> what annoys you the most about women?

>> how much time do we have?

>> the most annoying thing about men is they tend to be disorganized.

>> and both of them pee on the toilet seat .

>> i train them.

>> you're a saint.

>> love her to death. never get ready. never get ready in the time they're going to.

>> you cannot indict all women that way.

>> who does he think he is?

>> women are good. men not so great.

>> they were brave, those guys.

>> yes. they have to go home.

>> i know.

>> do they realize --

>> do they realize this would be televised on the "today" show.

>> they did. which is particularly surprising that they said those things.

>> people are chronically late. that's their nature. i'm the exact opposite, i'm chronically early. aren't you just that way or you're not?

>> i don't know. i feel like lateness is a respect thing.

>> i agree.

>> you have to be very careful.

>> we get to viewer questions. can we give you a big fat congratulations.

>> big old wet kiss.

>> so happy --

>> you were telling the truth when you said you liked me.

>> we love you.

>> we love you. welcome to the family .

>> very honored to be here.

>> we knew -- we had a cartoon.

>> that's when we knew.

>> here is the first one. shelly says my husband makes most -- these are pet peeves . my husband makes the most awful noises when he eats. his jaw pops and he sounds like a horse eating hay. i got annoyed and i know this is my own issue. what can i do?

>> it is easy to say this is a communication issue. she could say to him, look, you eat really loud. and at least put it on his radar. if she's never done that, she can give him, you know, that. i will say this, though, i think some of the beautiful parts of relationships are the idiosyncrasies between people and within people and i think --

>> not the one you've got.

>> yeah, but, you miss them in the one you've got. that person is not there, you miss them.

>> yeah.

>> hoda, this is -- you're too picky. you can't let people have their little thing. by the way --

>> seriously just sitting here listening.

>> what was this lady's name?

>> shelly .

>> i'm sure shelly does things that annoy her husband. he doesn't even mention.

>> right.

>> sometimes a little humility is important as well.

>> she surreptitiously hates him -- honey what is this and play it back? i don't know, two dogs mating or something. no, darling, that's you. and make it fun?

>> that's hard core, though. that's, like, really intense. i think people got to zoom out a little bit and start focusing on bigger problems than their husband chewing.

>> once you start focusing, you can think of nothing but that thing.

>> but the thing is, if you go out with another couple and he's just slopping away, it is embarrassing.

>> here's susan . susan says my boyfriend usually walks ahead of me. for example, after parking the car, he's already at the restaurant door before i'm completely out of the car. or he follows the hostess to the table while i'm still at the entry checking my coat.

>> wow.

>> what should i do?

>> this is really common. this is very common. susan , i hope you got your guy watching, because this message is for him, not for you. i think, look, susan 's boyfriend, start walking with her, it is not a logical thing. men think it is a logical thing, like, i don't need to be doing this for her right now. i can go and she'll follow. it is an emotional thing. it is not a logical thing. it is her wanting it feel protected and looked after and like you're paying attention to her needs.

>> and like he's proud to be with her.

>> proud to be with her.

>> a lovely thing to do. susan , cover his ears now, what you got to do is be the person that links his masculinity to the action you want him to do. say to him, the next time you wait, open your car door , does something for you, say to him, that was so sexy, you doing that.

>> what if he never does it?

>> he never does it?

>> he never does it.

>> you know what would be so sexy, you know what would make me feel safe, make him feel look a man for doing it. and, susan , sometimes, just hurry up because he's hungry.

>> do you ever walk ahead of frank or just go --

>> i do it now. he's slowing down a little bit. i'm still at my pace.

>> you got to go.

>> yeah. he dropped me off -- we got to church the other day and i just went --

>> let's go.

>> i get that way too.