TODAY   |  April 15, 2014

Sandals, tank tops: Organize spring essentials

Lifestyle expert Jene Luciani  joins TODAY with some ideas to help with spring cleaning, including storing handbag clutches in letter organizers and using dish racks to store art supplies.

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>>> well, if all of your jeans are crammed in a drawer, or you've got your kids' art supplies piled high in a corner, we're going to help you tidy up for spring and get organized.

>> jenae luchianni is back with some good ideas. good to see you.

>> good to see you guys.

>> my sandal collection is a mess.

>> flip-flops.

>> what's the trick here?

>> flip-flops are the worst offenders in our closets, especially if they're dirty from a day at the beach. so get them up off the floor. these are skirt hangers that i picked up for around $7. easy way to display them. you see what you have and they're off the floor.

>> i love this. this is so awesome. moving on to handbags, something willie can relate to as well.

>> it's a clutch, tamron.

>> a clutch in time. you know, they get squished, you can't see what you have. so this is a simple letter oregon fizer, i found a whole assortment of them so you can get different styles.ganizer, i found a wh ole assortment of them so you can get different styles. it's a really need way to display the bags. so on your dresser, they look pretty.

>> i read that you have to have a little paper to keep your bags formed. you can still put the paper in and put it in this and it's perfect.

>> you're getting a little crazy now, tamron, who has time for this? we're doing quick and easy tips today.

>> fine, fine, fine. okay, our swimwear. bikini land.

>> we were just talking about this in the break. you have two pieces. sometimes you're digging for the other piece. they get ruined in your drawer. so this is a really clever way. found this nice decorative bin for under $10 at marshall's and i just took big zip lock bags and you put the pieces together. you can even take a sharpie and label it, like who it belongs to, what style it is.

>> i feel like willie is the boyfriend or husband you've taken shopping with you, and he's like hmm, okay.

>> this is what's happening right now. i'm trying to be interested. is it working?

>> yes, you're doing very well.

>> tank tops .

>> these are the things that always get wrinkled and shoved in drawers. i'm finding millions of uses for those shower hooks that you can get at the dollar store . these are blastic shower hooks. and i just displayed them. they're not getting wrinkled. they're hanging in your closet saving space.

>> again, willie , you end up dumping the entire drawer out trying to find the one color you're looking for.

>> i know, it's true.

>> i'm sure you have a lot of expensive tank tops .

>> you'd be surprised.

>> jeans.

>> these again are shower hooks as well, just a different kind. the kind that have the hook at each end. it's a really need way to display them and store them where they're not taking up a lot of space in your closet and not getting wrinkled.

>> so you would have your bar and --

>> just hook them right on the bar?

>> okay, cool. this one i can relate to for sure. with little kids.

>> so we both have small children and it's really challenging to find like a neat way to store it. and bins just look messy. so this is an art supply station that i made out of a dish drying rack that i got for like ten bucks at target. i love repurposing things you have around the house and everybody pretty much has one of these. so just another clever way to do it.

>> that is smart.

>> and then they have a little art station.

>> because it can turn into chaos. books and markers and blue.

>> children and chaos go hand in hand .

>> this is nifty.

>> now, what did you do over here?

>> okay, so what i did was i took an old bean bag chair . everybody has one of these, right? and i used it to store stuffed animals . because stuffed animals are like these notorious dust collectors. super hard to store. so this is kind of a neat way to keep them out of sight, but your kids can still sit on it. it's still functional. you can take the stuffing out oismt.

>> take the stuffing out.

>> board games .

>> board games are another thing that look messy when they're piled up. you want to reach for one on a rainy day . this is a simple closet organizer i found for under $20 at t.j. max.