TODAY   |  April 15, 2014

Morgan Freeman: I always wanted to work with Depp

Morgan Freeman joins TODAY to offer a sneak peek at his new sci-fi thriller, “Transcendence,” and talk about his role in the film, which also stars Johnny Depp.

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>>> with oscar winner morgan freeman , an actor who can do it all from serious roles to lighthearted comedies.

>> and his new movie is a sci-fi thriller, it's called "transcendence." johnny depp stars as a scientist whose brain has been up loaded into a super computer and freeman's character must stop its seemingly unstoppable search for power before it changes humanity as we know it. take a look.

>> are you all right?

>> i've gotten everything i ever asked for.

>> okay. bye.

>> bye.

>> that's a pivotal point in the movie right there. morgan freeman , good morning to you.

>> good to have you here.

>> we saw the movie, it seems to me it really does ponder these big questions about technology and where it could be headed. i mean, is that what attracted you to the role, these kind of interesting philosophical questions?

>> there were three or four attractions to the role. one being johnny himself. always wanted to have a shot at working with him. wally fister, who i've done quite a few movies with. and this was his first shoutout, so i wanted to be there for that. the script i thought was awesome. and this is a question we should be pondering, because we're really going towards all kinds of technology. and the question is, okay, so we can, but --

>> how far can it go?

>> how far should it go before we realize that we're no longer in control of it.

>> your character joe was actually a mentor to dr. castor, johnny depp 's character. he looked up to you. his wife in this. paul bettany . great cast. all fantastic. you realize there in that moment you've got to run from this place. how are you going to stop this thing?

>> well, it's not -- not an easy thing to do, because in order to stop it, you've got to shut the world down. think about that.

>> in a sense create y2k.

>> y2k was phony.

>> a walk in the park compared to what happens in this movie. let me ask you, are you a technology guy? what is the one piece of technology you couldn't live without?

>> you know, that's a strong statement. there is nothing technologically here that i couldn't live without. as long as i could get to the woods. [ laughter ]

>> gps?

>> no.

>> you don't need it.

>> okay, what technology should be banished from the earth?

>> oh, heavens. now you've got me. i have no idea. whatever technology we're using to drill for oil.

>> interesting. not only do we see you in all of these great and different roles, we hear your voice everywhere. did you ever think -- you know, in my career, my voice is going to be its own bankable asset?

>> absolutely not. never did. had no idea that that would happen. but, knock on wood , it did.

>> it's a great movie. that's real thought-provoking --

>> and i'm glad we did it. i think that it will start people at least talking.

>> great acting.

>> and there will be others that came out about the same stuff. because we are going a little fast towards who knows what.

>> right.

>> morgan freeman , great to have you here. if you could just record my voicemail greeting on my phone, that would