TODAY   |  April 15, 2014

Marathon victim: Return to finish line ‘empowering’

Celeste Corcoran and her daughter, Sydney, were badly injured in the Boston Marathon bombing blast that took Celeste’s legs. She spoke about her emotions as she made her first visit to the marathon’s finish line after the bombing. Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> now let's go back to natalie in boston where the city is marking one year since the tragic marathon bombings. natalie ?

>> well, carson, as we've been saying all morning, this is both a solemn day for city, it's also a hopeful one as the victims and the family members look forward to this year's marathon, now less than a week away. next monday. it will be another step in the recovery in getting this city back on its feet. i've been following one family pretty closely over the last year, celeste corcoran and her daughter sydney were badly injured in the blast that ultimately took celeste's legs. and i spoke to her about the emotions surrounding her first visit back here to the marathon's finish line after the bombings.

>> i can remember just about everything. the screaming and how it changed so quick from one second to the next.

>> you took a series of photographs with photographer robert fogerty.

>> yes.

>> what was it like being back there at the finish line ?

>> at first, i wasn't sure if i was going to do it. two of my girlfriends had brought me and i was like, i came this far, i've got to do it.

>> the photos are part of an ongoing series of work by robert fogerty called " dear world " that tell stories of struggle and hope.

>> this was such a pivotal moment for sydney. even more so than for me, because the finish line was this huge monster to her.

>> taking those pictures felt so empowering and so healing, and it took the negativity, the power of that spot away.

>> such incredible photographs, and they said, as you heard, it was very healing for them as well. celeste will be at the finish line again this year cheering on her sister carmen. i will also be running and i hope to be with the family for that incredible moment. if you do want to help people like celeste get back to being boston strong once again, you can go to the website natalie , and help donate to the cause. carson, back to you.

>> yeah, we urge people to do that. natalie in boston this morning, thank you so