TODAY   |  April 15, 2014

24 people get surprise at interview for tough job

A Boston agency posted a job listing for a "director of operations" position at a company with brutal requirements and a salary of $0. The fake “interview” was for an ad celebrating the work of moms.

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>> it tough at work? here's a job description that has some pretty brutal requirements. got to stand all day. you get no vacation. and there's no salary.

>> what? so who could possibly want that job? well, the applicants in this video are in for a big surprise.

>> that's almost cruel. it's almost a very, very sick, twisted joke.

>> i worry about when there's time to sleep.

>> oh, no time to sleep.

>> what if i told you there's someone that actually currently holds this position right now. billions of people, actually.

>> who?

>> moms.

>> yeah.

>> and they meet every requirement, don't they?

>> oh, my god. moms are the best.

>> so these are real people who thought they were interviewing for a job called the director of operations. the interview is actually part of an ad from american greetings . the card company is trying to encourage everyone to show their moms a little extra love this mother's day. so again, some of the requirements, you have to stand all day. you don't get a vacation. and there is no salary. so that was the job, and the job is a mom.