TODAY   |  April 15, 2014

‘I mean...’: Common phrases we all secretly hate

The Huffington Post released a list of off-putting sayings that bother people the most, including “Just sayin'" and "Everything happens for a reason."

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>> go, dylan. another sure way to irritate your partner, using words and phrases that gets on their nerves. if you're not sure what those words are, " huffington post " have come up with a list of common phrases that we all use but secretly hate. let's go through some of them. at the end of the day . same difference. i don't even know what that means. honestly. or, to be frank. someone's definitely lying to you if they say that. no worries.

>> i hate that one.

>> i say that all the time. why do you hate that?

>> it's like the anthem of jamaica.

>> i say no worries. you hate this one when someone says you're killing it.

>> it just seems so not genuine.

>> do you have any other phrases? like, for me, amazing. in l.a., everything's amazing. if everything's amazing, nothing's amazing.

>> with epic and literally. literally is literally misused every time.

>> do teenagers still say "like"?

>> yeah, too much.

>> i still say like.

>> no worries is out, but i love like.

>> like is fun.

>> i think is what it is is a great one. it's like i've given up on this conversation. it is what it is.