TODAY   |  April 15, 2014

Study: Low blood sugar tied to marital strife

When researchers measured people’s blood sugar levels while they stuck pins in voodoo dolls representing their spouses, they found that the lower the blood sugar levels, the more pins were pushed into the doll.

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>>> what's trending today. everybody wants to know the secret to a happier relationship. we may just have the answer right here.

>> oh.

>> it is candy. okay, there's a theory behind this. have you ever heard of the word hangry?

>> i just heard it recently.

>> it's a combo of hungry and angry. apparently it happens. a state of anger is caused bay lack of food. you become hungry and angry at the same time. according to a new study, it's low blood sugar . scientists at ohio state university say missing a meal makes us cranky. not surprising. but getting a little glucose sb t -- into the system can help us control ourselves. this is where it really gets interesting. they gave people voodoo dolls representing their --

>> what does that have to do with anything?

>> representing their partners. and then asked them to stick pins in the dolls when they were upset. and the results were the hungrier they were, the more pins the doll got.

>> let's all say who we're thinking of when we stick this in.

>> say it out loud? i'm not falling for that.

>> i'm just going for the chocolate.

>> so you grab the chocolate in the middle of an argument with your significant other?

>> just start with a candy bar . and then say what you have to say.

>> willie, off theory here.

>> carson, you'll be with me on this. can you imagine you're in a fight with your spouse, your girlfriend or your boyfriend, and you say oh, sweetie, do you need some candy? are you hungry? are you tired? that's a good way to get a black eye .

>> have you eaten today?

>> condescension doesn't work.

>> it's like the snickers commercial.

>> i get vicious when i'm hungry.

>> you're not alone. here you