TODAY   |  April 15, 2014

Google Glass on sale for one day only

Tuesday’s one-day only sale for Google Glass, at a cost of $1,500, has touched off a frenzy. Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> the tech world is buzzing this morning as google glass finally hits the mark. tamron's in the orange room . it's a one-day only deal?

>> this is perfect. i am having so much fun with this. one-day deal, google put these glasses on sale before, but they were for select explorers. now for one day only, the rest of us, if you have $1,500, can own a pair of the google glasses. as mentioned, one day only. there's your big price tag. some of the things you can do with this, take a picture, record video, get directions, send a message. carson, i think you're coming in to test them out with me?

>> am i? yes, i will.

>> i believe you can see what i see.

>> definitely. this is what i see. right now. okay, keep looking. here we go.

>> and can you say, like, hit record and it records?

>> i could if we had loaded that app.

>> watch your step.

>> i'm going to watch my step. that's my feet.

>> wow.

>> is it distracting?

>> there you go. see, that's what i see.

>> does it do anything else? i'm just kidding.

>> that's it? for $1,500.