TODAY   |  April 15, 2014

Spectacular ‘blood moon’ pictures go viral

TODAY viewers send in their pictures of the vivid “blood moon” that was a dramatic sight overnight. Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> now to that spectacular sight in the sky overnight. the so-called blood moon . don't worry if you didn't stay up all night, because tamron did.

>> ha.

>> and all the devoted orange room viewers did.

>> a lot of blurry eyes. we have talked a lot about blue moons, but the blood moon made its appearance between 3:00 a.m . and 4:30 a.m . eastern time . if you missed it, you missed a treat. but guess what, guys, we've got it covered in the orange room . this is from nasa. a blood moon occurs when the moon passes directly behind the earth into its shadow, but some of the sun's light filters through the earth's atmosphere casting a red glow on the moon's surface. the scientist of our crew dylan dreyer would know that.

>> oh, i know all about it.

>> this is the end result, which is a beautiful blood moon . and guess what, of course, people were tweeting about it. tiffany, my hometown of burleson, texas, sent this one out. but this one is even more intriguing. matt lauer , who is on vacation, guys, at a tropical destination, he notes. this is what he tweeted. in all, seven tweets. six of them right here from matt on vacay. the final one, boom goes the dynamite . he refers to it as the final flare. matt on vacation tweeting. tweet us, not about matt's vacation tweets, but about the blood moon .

>> something tells me cocktails were involved.

>> i know.

>> blood moon cocktail. that's what we've got going.