TODAY   |  April 15, 2014

High winds, hail, snow strike South and Midwest

Powerful storms hammer the South, flipping cars and campers and injuring at least two people. Meanwhile, up north, snow makes a comeback in Chicago.

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>>> meantime, dylan is here. looks like it's going to be another rough day of weather here on the east coast .

>> it certainly is. this is a fast-moving storm system that's already produced tornados, flooding rain, even snow. it is going to hit new parts of the south overnight, and it will continue to affect the east coast as it heads this way.

>> as you can see, absolute chaos. upwards of probably 20 to 30 trailers that were flipped over, destroyed.

>> high winds in mississippi damaged dozens of trailers in this rv park where two people were trapped by debris.

>> a tornado came through the r.v. park here. we did have two people trapped. the fire department personnel were able to extract them out of the trailers and get them to the hospital.

>> despite temperatures that soared into the 80s last weekend in chicago, winter's last blast blew through the windy city overnight, dropping up to three inches across the area, coating spring flowers and backyard barbecues. and just as many people are ready for spring, a fast-moving storm system sucker punched parts of michigan. nebraska. and texas, with snow, hail, and heavy rains, causing flooding along the red river in minnesota. and as that storm moves eastward, it's in the form of mainly rain for now, and we are looking at delays possible through the big hubs, especially in atlanta this morning, and then through the afternoon as we work our way into the northeast, by charlotte, baltimore later on today. new york city , it's rain and wind, and in boston, it's rain and wind as well. you can see some of the really strong storms moving right through tallahassee. but up across atlanta, it's really just some showers, so conditions are improving there. but we are going to see this whole system make its way up into the northeast with the snow on the backside of it, even in new york city tomorrow morning , we could see this whole thing end with a little bit of snow. so it certainly is one of those times of year where you get your really nice days, but then you also get the snow.