TODAY   |  April 14, 2014

Girl with autism attends prom with NFL star

Taylor Kirkland got the prom date of a lifetime when NFL Super Bowl champion Christine Michael escorted her to the dance, something many in her community say she deserves for being on track to graduate high school event though she has autism and limited speech capability. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>>> a sunday morning with a story that is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

>> it was a dream night last night for one very special high school senior who showed up at the prom with a super bowl champion by her side. ron allen has more.

>> let's go look for your dress.

>> reporter: a mother and daughter story as heartwarming as any fairytale.

>> that is just pink. that's beautiful.

>> reporter: chandler kirkland, 18, and mom stacy holmes in search of the perfect ensemble for taylor 's senior prom .

>> she's going to have a hard time walking in those shoes.

>> reporter: chandler will graduate this spring despite battles with autism which limits her ability to speak. she was named homecoming queen because of her determination.

>> yes, yes! we found the dress!

>> reporter: so for the prom, mom thought taylor should have a very special date.

>> i wanted something to be, like, over the top . extra special. i knew my cousin knew christian michaels and he played for seattle seahawks .

>> reporter: that's right. she asked her cousin to just call up a big time football player. christian michael. for the super bowl champions . and ask if he would take taylor to the prom.

>> i would just like to see what happens. i know, you know, he's really busy.

>> she showed me the picture. my eyes light up.

>> your eyes was lighting up. oh, my gosh. are you going to kiss him?

>> yes.

>> reporter: a mother's love made her daughter's dream come true saturday night. when michael, inspired by taylor 's story, escorted her to the prom.

>> i said yes on the dot. without thinking about it. she looks beautiful. outstanding. i don't want to be anywhere else but here.

>> reporter: he was the perfect gentleman . she the bell of the ball. and mom enjoyed every moment.

>> i'm totally over the moon about everything. i'm ecstatic. it's been like a fairytale.

>> reporter: and they danced the night