TODAY   |  April 14, 2014

‘Housewives’ stars: We don’t miss our ex-castmates

Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador are three stars of the Bravo show “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” which is entering its ninth drama-filled season. Vicki and Tamra say they don’t miss some of the other stars who aren’t on the show anymore.

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>> better. the real housewives of orange county .

>> they're back for a drama filled night season and fans will hani to see some familiar faces like vicki gunvalson and tamra judge.

>> and we'll meet two new cast members, including shannon beador here with us. here is a sneak peek of tonight's premiere. take a look.

>> again, mother, remind me that i do not have a cell phone . most people in my grade do. not very fair.

>> how old are you?

>> 12.

>> okay.

>> almost 13.

>> i remember my parents installed a phone line in my house, i think i was 16.

>> that's because you lived when there was not a lot of technology. in the olden days.

>> in the olden days, there you go.

>> the olden days.

>> hi.

>> so shannon, you dove into the deep end. what made you decide to join the ladys?

>> i thought it would be such a unique opportunity to watch little pieces of your life played back for you, who gets that chance to i can improve here or i do this okay.

>> everybody can because of video cameras. they can keep it private and control it a little bit better, right?

>> i thought it would be a fun adventure.

>> what happened to the other ones? where are the other housewives?

>> you two are here.

>> we ran them out of oc.

>> you ran them out? do you miss them?

>> no.

>> i miss alexis, i do. her and i are --

>> what about gretchen?

>> who?

>> nobody misses gretchen.

>> wow. wow.

>> when you're gone, you're gone.

>> you're gone.

>> vicki , you're --

>> not dead, is she?

>> that's why there is a rear view mirror. she's in the past.

>> wow.

>> that's what i'm talking about. okay, vicki , you've been here for nine seasons. you've been on all the housewives franchises the longest. you've had your share of drama play out. what keeps you coming back, i guess?

>> you know what, there is good and bad in everything in life. and it has been a great experience. yes, i got divorced and my kids were in high school when we started, now they're graduated. i'm 27, 28 years old, i'm a grandmother. i come back because it's a lot of fun.

>> right.

>> it is a lot of fun.

>> tamra, you watched your life unfold again. you were divorced earlier on and there was a whole marriage episode. that's got to be -- how is your life going?

>> my life is going good. i'm very busy. between the show and cut fitness and the kids and --

>> are the kids on the show?

>> no, my kids are in the on the show.

>> do you want them on?

>> my littlest, sophia, who is 8, she's a little mini me, she wanted to be on the show and we tried to work it out with her father and he just didn't want any part of it so, but my other two, they're fine. one is in high school , one is in middle school and the furthest thing from their mind.

>> that would have been the biggest decision to make. do you let your children -- kids don't really know what -- there are ramifications. are you concerned about that?

>> you know what i thought, in life, especially i have three young girls, so you have to develop a thick skin so as my kids can develop that thick skin at a younger age, for the benefit -- they know if someone comes up to them saying i can't play with you anymore because my mother doesn't like you anymore, they know to say, you're entitled to your opinion, but i don't agree with it.

>> is the fur going to fly tonight? what is going to happen?

>> it is a great episode tonight. i think everyone is going to -- we laughed a lot. my girlfriend and i watched it coming here last night.

>> we're in hawaii, so it is just visually very beautiful.

>> it is a good life.

>> not a bad life.

>> all right.

>> great life.

>> it is horrible to get paid to go to lunch and dinner --

>> you're right.

>> you can catch the season premiere of "the real house wiwives of orange county " tonight.