TODAY   |  April 14, 2014

Land a heroic role in ‘Sharknado 2’ for $5,000

The team behind “Sharknado 2” is turning to the public to crowd-fund a scene in the upcoming Syfy TV-movie. For contributing $5,000, you get a walk-on role in a heroic scene, or a death scene.

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>>> welcome back to "today." it's monday morning, april 14th , 2014 . we've got a great enthusiastic crowd out on the plaza, and they ought to be, because it's another beautiful day here in new york city . i'm willie along with natalie and tamron. al has the day all. let's talk a little sharknado 2. let's just get right into it. you at home can own a piece of this film. the producers are turning to the public now to crowd fund, $50,000 to film a new scene.

>> your favorite scene.

>> we never get to see the end of it here on morning television.

>> what's crowd fund?

>> it's like crowd sourcing . you can go on to a website. if you want to give some money, whether it's $10 or $100 or a thousand dollars, you can have certain things come up in the movie. if you give $45, they will name a shark that appears in the film after you. $120, your screen will be recorded and used in the film. for $1,200 now we're getting serious here, your name will randomly appear in the credits. people who gave money, here it is. 5,000 bucks -- this is crazy now. you get a walk-on role. you can choose a death scene or a heroic scene.

>> so there's still time for us to be in the movie?

>> there's still time .

>> if you give five grand, you can die in "sharknado 2."

>> we have to pay. that's too much money.

>> they need to make $50,000 by may 30th .

>> it will be by tomorrow.

>> they've got over a month.

>> they've got like $4,600 right now.

>> this is on a major network. why are they asking people to fund it?

>> the whole idea of crowd funding has come a long way. the idea is they want people to have the opportunity to say i was part of this.

>> but you're taking my money. can't we do a lottery? just pull my name out of the bag?

>> it's more fun this way.

>> our sister network syfy airs it on july 30th and they want you to cough up the cheese.

>> they want our money.

>> 50,000.

>> but this whole movie is predicated on buzz. so now we talk about it.

>> it's the whole " veronica mars " thing and how they crowd funded that thing. it's about getting people to pay for it.

>> so, $45, you going to do it?

>> do we get a t-shirt at least? just a scream in a microphone.

>> is there a credit that says this is natalie's scream? or is the scream random?

>> you just have to listen for it.

>> that's me, that's me.

>> dylan dreyer is in for al. let's get across the way. dylan's got a good scream.