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TODAY   |  April 14, 2014

Prince William sparks chatter about second child

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have fueled new rumors that they could be expecting again – rumors that looked to be over almost as they started. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> well, let the speculation begin. the duke and duchess of cambridge have fueled new rumors on their trip to new zealand that they could be expecting again. nbc's keir simmons is at his post at buckingham palace . keir, good morning.

>> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning. i'm going to take a risk here, make a prediction. kate is not pregnant. why do i say that? because on this trip, we have seen her in a motor boat going 50 miles per hour, we have seen her doing a wine tasting . even about to see her get out on a sports field. having said all that, remember, william 's mom and dad , of course, had two children, so it wouldn't be surprising if they were talking about it. another thing we've seen on this trip is kate learning from diana every step of the way. while pretty much everything kate does becomes instantly fashionable, high heels on the sports field may not set a trend. and she and william did not look like protective expectant parents playing cricket. but the rumor is prince george could soon have a brother or sister. william is said to have told a woman who knitted a shawl for his first born, you might have to make another one soon.

>> i don't think she is pregnant, but look, prince william has made no secret of the fact that one day they want more children and they will have more children. prince william won't be an only child.

>> reporter: and he is not if-the-first baby to be taken on an official tour. diana pioneered that approach on the same trip to new zealand and australia with baby will wram. kate and william are even more hands-on parents. kate carrying george off the plane. prince george 's nanny is here, but william says he still keeps them up at night.

>> he has been known to be particularly vocal at 3:00 a.m .

>> reporter: and by day, self-assured kate is more confident than shy diana was 30 years ago. kate mixing easily with the crowds.

>> i said oh, you're gorgeous. she said, i'm not. and laughed.

>> it was such an amazing experience. i'm so glad i was here for it.

>> reporter: diana 's time was another era. kate is older than diana was. but they have the same warmth. charming people around the world. and here's just a thought to think about, guys. diana had harry just over two years after she had prince william . they call it an heir and a spare here. i know you're just getting ready to have your first.

>> yes.

>> reporter: it's just something to bear in mind. no pressure.

>> oh, my gosh. i was thinking a little play date for my baby. keir, thank you so much.

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