TODAY   |  April 14, 2014

‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant loses $1 million

“Wheel of Fortune” contestant Julian from Indiana University could not pronounce “Achilles,” and embarrassingly bungled the word, losing the opportunity to win $1 million and a car.

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>>> so how do you lose on "wheel of fortune" when you correctly solve a puzzle? here's how. meet julian , a student at indiana university . for one of his puzzles, the category is person. but he guesses c maybe for car. whatever the thinking is around the world, people gasp, it is the world's fastest man, which the contestant after him gets right. and that wasn't his only issue. earlier, julian correctly guessed the final letters of another puzzle. but he makes a crucial error when solving it. take a look.

>> mythological hero a-chill-us.

>> we can't accept that.

>> it's achilles.

>> you have to pronounce all of the words in the puzzle correctly to win. so in all, poor julian lost out on a million dollars, a car, and a trip to london.

>> i can't take it.

>> i feel so bad for him. that's something i would have done, too.

>> he's got to be feeling pretty bad today.

>> why is that the rule? it's about puzzle solving , not pronunciation.

>> i'm sure they've debated that online.

>> he's got to be pretty smart . obviously he was nervous.

>> sometimes a word just looks off.

>> i am devastated.