TODAY   |  April 14, 2014

Emma Stone startled by Spice Girls stunt

The Spice Girl-loving actress appeared on “The Graham Norton Show,” where she got excited when Norton tricked her into believing the ladies will make a visit, only to have her hopes dashed.

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>>> now to a priceless reaction from actress emma stone . she's actually a huge fan of the spice girls . and during her press tour to promote "the amazing spider-man 2", she's been surprised with a video message and phone call from two of the members. so when emma was a guest on his talk show, host graham norton thought there was just one more thing to do.

>> you've never met --

>> are you going to do something --

>> have you never met a spice girl ?

>> wait, hold on.

>> so, they're not here.

>> terrible.

>> so mean.

>> co-stars andrew garfield and jamie foxx seemed to believe it would happen, but at least this time, it wasn't meant to be.

>> is that a british thing? to be a super huge fan of the spice girls ?

>> i love the spice girls .

>> it's girl power .

>> especially back then.

>> all the buildup. and she's not here.

>> that's funny.