TODAY   |  April 14, 2014

Homeless Jesus statue startles community

A religious statue in the wealthy town of Davidson, N.C., depicting Jesus as a vagrant sleeping on a park bench, has surprised many in the neighborhood.

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>>> take a look at this rather bizarre new statue in north carolina in the suburbs. it's giving residents a serious case of sculpture shock. do you know who this is? take a look right now. believe it or not, this is supposed to be jesus . he's depicted as a homeless man sleeping on a park bench with a blanket covering his face and hands. this was set up outside a church in davidson, north carolina . it's about 20 miles north of charlotte. npr took this photo, and it says the reaction was immediate with some residents calling the statue creepy and insulting. one woman even called the cops, but director of the church called his rather wealthy parishioners need to be reminded about the condition of the poor.

>> what identifies that as jesus ?

>> i don't know.

>> not much.

>> i guess it's just maybe the thing -- it probably says jesus .

>> i think it is incredibly thought-provoking. at a minimum, it would get a conversation going.

>> it's like the joan osborne song, "what if god was one of us."