TODAY   |  April 14, 2014

Attack victim: Bear ‘clamped down onto my head’

A woman attacked by a bear in Orlando, Fla., shared her terrifying story of being mauled in her own garage. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> now to a terrifying bear attack in an unlikely place, a suburb of orlando. a black bear mauled a mother in front of her own home. she shared her story exclusively with nbc news. here's nbc 's janet shamlian .

>> reporter: terri frana is recovering from a nightmare this morning.

>> i saw this large bear charging at me.

>> reporter: confronting five bears in her driveway and garage, she hardly had time to think.

>> she opened her jaw and clamped down on to my head and i could just hear her teeth marks going through my scalp.

>> reporter: terri thought about her children and prayed.

>> i thought, please, my kids need me.

>> reporter: bears interacting with humans is not uncommon in this unscapscale orlando suburb, which is right next to a state nature preserve .

>> you can't disrespect the bears , it's their neighborhood.

>> reporter: according to an analysis by the " orlando sentinel ," reports of bears coming in contact with people and property have more than doubled in the last five years in central florida . from just under a thousand in 2009 to more than 2,200 last year. last night, even as florida wildlife officials set traps, tranquilizer guns ready, bears could be seen wandering through the subdivision. one was shot by a game warden after exhibiting dangerous behavior. three others were captured and put down.

>> unfortunately, we just got too comfortable with them being around.

>> reporter: wildlife officials say for the most part, bears don't attack humans. but with 30 staples on her scalp, ten stitches on her forehead and numerous claw marks and puncture wounds, those statistics have little meaning to terri frana today.

>> i can't close my eyes and not think about it, see it, feel it. but that will go away in time and i'm here. i'm here for my kids.

>> reporter: for "today," janet shamlian , nbc news.

>> that's frightening.

>> survival story.

>> and by the way, not to be ignorant, i had no idea there were that many bears in the orlando area .

>> right.

>> you think you're safe at