TODAY   |  April 14, 2014

Taylor Swift makes 'SNL' cameo, crashes bridal shower

The stars were out in full force on “SNL” this weekend, with a surprise cameo by Taylor Swift, who later traveled to Ohio to crash a fan’s bridal shower. Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>> come?

>> you're getting really upset, and whenever a man shows emotion, i appear.

>> so there you have it. some unwanted help for seth rogan . but get this, guys. taylor swift was in new york. she left "snl" and traveled to columbus, ohio, to do what? she crashed a bridal shower . she met this wonderful young lady gina at a few meet and greets, and back in september, taylor mentioned she was -- gina mentioned to taylor that she was getting married, so taylor crashed the party. take a look at this. how adorable? imagine that. and, of course, they took the selfie, savannah, which we love so much. gina tweeted out, you can tell me don't cook. we ought taylor got me a lid. they're pots. she got the cookware as a gift and thought it was a lid. we got to thinking around here, if someone were to crash your party, any party, what celebrity would you pick? go to #orangeroom and tell us who you'd like to crash your party. any of us? feel free.

>> that could get me in some trouble.