TODAY   |  April 14, 2014

Unusual ‘blood moon’ to rise

A rare series of lunar eclipses that will begin overnight with a visually stunning “blood moon” and promises to be a real treat for stargazers.

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>>> trimmer. just $149.

>>> we are back now at 7:43 with what's sure to be a sight to behold in the sky. if you're a morning show dork like us, we'll be up at 3:30 in the morning.

>> i geek out with stuff like this. it's a rare series of lunar eclipses . it begins tonight with a visually stunning blood moon and it promises to be a real treat for stargazers.

>> bad blood ? the so-called blood moon will return to the night sky tonight, just past 3:00 a.m . eastern time , when for a little over an hour, the moon will take on a distinctive red tint. and on this occasion, the u.s. is in prime viewing position.

>> weather permitting, anybody in north america , central america , south america will be able to see this. if you're on your phone to the far end of argentina, you can be seeing and describing to each other the same thing happening at the same moment.

>> what's happening is a total lunar eclipse with the earth in a precise position between the full moon and the sun. the only light reaching the lunar surface is sunlight being refracted off the earth's atmosphere, which is where the red color comes from. but this isn't your average eclipse. it's the first of four total lunar eclipses in the next 18 months, an event that occurs every few decades. and while the event is exciting for professional astronomers and those just moonlighting as one, others have a different take on the phenomenon.

>> i think the fact that we're having this total lunar eclipse on the feast of passover has great spiritual significance. you go to 32 and 33 a.d. when jesus died, there are solar lunar eclipses all over the biblical holidays at that time as well.

>> whether or not this is a good night moon remains to be seen, but if the world doesn't end tonight, a few of us may start paying more attention to the heavens above .

>> an event like this can draw people's attention out of their little anthill day-to-day lives to look up at the grandness of the universe that's going on above us all the time.

>> so it's a little eerie. there's a lot of speculation around it. it happens after 3:00 a.m . eastern time this morning. it will be cloudy on the east coast , so maybe the world doesn't end for us. but in the middle of the country, it is going to be --

>> that's the only thing i obtained from that piece, that the world may end tonight.

>> how are you going to adjust your behavior accordingly?

>> liquid lunch? i don't know.

>> seize the day , guys.

>> you do that anyway. all