TODAY   |  April 13, 2014

Saddle up with two young rodeo champs

13-year-old Brody Rankin and his 9-year-old brother Brogan have won hundreds of rodeos. The boys are third-generation ropers, and gave TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe a lesson in how to rope a calf and ride a horse.

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>> brothers picked it up at a very young age. in matador, texas, the only thing the brothers love more than riding their animals is roping them. between the two of them, 13-year-old brody and 9-year-old brogan, they've entered and won hundreds of rodeos. so these are what we call your trophies?

>> yes, ma'am. all our winnings we've won over the years.

>> are you proud of what you've done here?

>> yes.

>> reporter: their buckles and saddles on display as badges of honor. most kids your age right now are out playing ball or inside playing video games . this is exactly where you guys want to be, isn't it?

>> yes, ma'am.

>> reporter: and there's nothing more prestigious. every year more than 15,000 youth rodeo members compete in close to 2,000 rodeos. with thousands of dollars in prison money at stake. do you guys ever get nervous when you're out here, out on a horse?

>> practicing is sort of like that. when it's for thousands of dollars, you get nervous.

>> reporter: the boys are third generation ropers. their father, a modern day cowboy. mom, she's an all around junior rodeo champion. their success is a mix of genetics and practice. lots of practice. what is the hardest thing about what you guys do out here?

>> fundamentals of roping.

>> you miss one, you have to think back on what you did on that run and fix it.

>> reporter: the skills practiced inside the arena, all a foundation of what's needed to run a rk working cattle ranch . take it from me. let's start with the basics.

>> wrap, wrap, wrap.

>> reporter: from tying to riding. what am i doing, 30, 40 miles an hour here?

>> no. probably three.

>> reporter: to roping.

>> turn your wrist.

>> there you go.

>> reporter: none of those skills are easy. but i'm just a city girl . brody and brogan live this life. for them, it's the very essence of who they are. because they know the competitions today will make them cowboys tomorrow.

>> i was nowhere near that fake cow.

>> you overshot it a little bit.

>> i get it. i was terrible. but these kids weren't. thanks to brody and brogan for showing me the ropes. fantastic and adorable. just a few weeks ago brody qualified for state finals where he'll compete in tying and team roping . these kids, they practice every day after school. they love it.

>> did this unleash your inner cowgirl?

>> i used to practice every