TODAY   |  April 13, 2014

Wild weather: Thunderstorms, snow and possible tornadoes

Even though Denver, Colo., enjoyed a warm 72 degrees on Saturday, it is predicted the city could soon see 4-10 inches of snow. Other weather advisories include possible tornadoes in Tulsa, Okla. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> weather hitting the country's midsection. a tough night throughout michigan. heavy winds bringing down trees. they caused damage in several neighborhoods. where could this storm be headed now? we know the girl with the answers. dylan is tracking it for us.

>> good morning. it is going to hit the plain states today. but snow in denver . yesterday in denver it was 72 degrees. and we are going to see several inches of snow. we've got this setup here with this area of low pressure sitting right through the middle of the country. you have the warm air out ahead of this system. then you have the cold air back behind it. and it's the clash of these two air masses that will create the potential for some severe weather . specially as we go a little bit later on into this afternoon. now, we are looking at the threat from kansas city all the way down into texas, east over into louisiana for isolated tornadoes, large hail is the biggest threat, and damaging wind gusts. right in here through tulsa where it's orange here, that's where we have a moderate risk of seeing our best chance of tornadoes. but on the flip side of that, again, 72 in denver yesterday. but we could see four to ten inches of snow. 12 to 15 inches possible in the mountains. it's an area where it's going to get very messy into the day today and into tonight. keep an eye out for that severe weather right through the plain states. we are just getting into this tornado season here so it could be a