TODAY   |  April 12, 2014

Walmart to offer low-cost organic products

Walmart shelves will now be offering the Wild Oats organic brand at a price that will open up the market to more budget-minded customers. NBC’s Sarah Dallof reports.

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>> more affordable and accessible everywhere.

>> reporter: organic products have never found a way into this woman's shopping cart because of her budget. that's about to change for franklin and shoppers like her. big box giant walmart moving into a new arena, taking on revered organic retailers like trader joe 's and whole foods with the announcement of they'll soon carry the wild oats brand of organic products , priced at least 20% less than the competition.

>> excited. absolutely excited. that's my lifestyle.

>> walmart is anticipating a big response to their organic products . so big, they will initially introduce them to about half their stores in order to keep up with demand. walmart's ultimate goal? to offer 100 wild oats products at all 4,000 stores.

>> consumer choice and we want to make sure that price is not a deterrent of consumers' choices.

>> reporter: an internal survey done several years ago revealed 98% of walmart shoppers would buy organic food if offered at a lower price. it's lfr a booming business. organic food sales more than tripled in a decade, up to $29 billion in 2012 . and more retailers, including target, are seek iing an organic grocery offering, all to the benefit of the consumer. nutritionist marisa moore.

>> i do think that the availability of more organics, fruits and vegetables in general will certainly help more people to be able to put, add healthier foods to their diet.

>> reporter: consumers now with more choices.

>> it will benefit everybody.

>> reporter: and a big new player in the organic market.

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