TODAY   |  April 12, 2014

Most expensive house on market fetches $120M

Cooper Beach Farm, a property in Greenwich, Conn., was just sold, and takes the title as the most expensive residential listing ever. The property includes two private islands, a pool, formal gardens and more. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> carson, if you're on the market for a slightly bigger home than the one you already have and you have $120 million laying around, a, marry me. just saying. marry me. and b, you could buy this. that's two marry mes and buy this. it sits on 4,000 feet of waterfront and we're not done yet. a driveway 1,800 feet long, two greenhouses, 75-foot pool. i tried to put $120 million into my mortgage calculator and it broke.

>> nice.

>> looking more in the 2,200.

>> you're out of luck. this is not the house for you perhaps.

>> taxes on that bad boy .

>> you have no idea.

>> if we have to ask those questions we clearly cannot afford it.

>> dylan has a check of