TODAY   |  April 11, 2014

Super soups for Passover: Chicken with veggies, matzo ball

Chef Jamie Geller prepares a clear chicken soup that’s filled with julienne vegetables and matzo ball soup you can enjoy along with garlic-honey brisket.

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>>> it is time to take you into "today's kitchen" for a passover meal. did you know it marks the beginning of spring? here with traditional passover dishes is jamie gellar, founder of "the joy of kosher" magazine.

>> how amazing does this kitchen smell?

>> matzo ball soup to me.

>> it is not just the passover seder . i'm the mother of five. every mom needs to know how to make chicken soup . heel ha healing powers. heals a broken heart. one chicken into the cold water .

>> all cut up?

>> all cut up.

>> with the skin on it.

>> and the bones and the --

>> and the marrowbones as well. at home, you put the chicken in first. and our root veg. this is special from my grandparent's kitchen. call flo cauliflower with parsnips and --

>> big chunky vegetables.

>> this is the flavor of your soup. we won't see these once we get the --

>> that's what i mean.

>> let's boil it down. how we make a crystal clear chicken soup . get rid of the foam that rises to the top. it is the fat, coming out of the bones and the skin. get the --

>> it is the shmutz. that's what we call it at our house.

>> next the parsley or the garlic. if i'm not feeling good, i'll put in a whole head. a whole head of garlic.

>> okay.

>> kosher salt . peppercorns. and allspice. really nice flavor. really nice flavor. this is a nice authentic chicken soup . and then --

>> how long?

>> we want that to go a minimum two hours. you can go three hours, four hours. a great italian tomato sauce, you let that thing go. overnight in the fridge, flavors marry. strain it through a colander. making the matzo balls . light and fluffy. two secrets. one is we have eggs, matzo meal . you start to roll that. the secret it a light and flavor matzo ball and seltzer and then oil. what you do is put that in the fridge, mix it up, drop it in. beautiful. you let that go 30 minutes . these are done.

>> okay.

>> these are all rolls for you.

>> yes.

>> they go into your simmering soup and that will flavor your --

>> that's a huge matzo ball .

>> i like baseball sized matzo balls so you did it well.

>> fantastic.

>> chicken soup can be an elegant thing to serve, right? julienned vegetables, matzo balls , chicken. don't underestimate the power of a little green , a little garnish. how fabulous is that?

>> what is going on here?

>> garlic honey brisket. one cup of honey makes this meat -- honey lends moisture to the meat. it melts in your mouth. tender, tender, melts in your mouth.

>> no knife.

>> who cares.

>> i'm not kidding.

>> what about the chocolate bar .

>> hodi --

>> we love it. delicious.

>> and you can find all of the recipes on our website, next week, billy porter.

>> ingrid michaelson .

>> have a wonderful weekend.