TODAY   |  April 11, 2014

Anna Chlumsky: ‘Veep' an ‘absolute pleasure’

The actress joins TODAY to chat about being back on TV playing the vice president’s chief of staff in HBO’s comedy “Veep.” She also discusses guest-starring on “Hannibal.”

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>>> hard to believe that it was more than 20 years ago now when the young actress anna chlumsky first stole our hearts in "my girl" where she starred alongside macaulay culkin . great movie.

>> thank you.

>> and after taking a break from acting, anna is back from the vice president to chief of staff and starring in the nbc thriller " hannibal ." take a look.

>> i don't know where i am.

>> what do you see?

>> i can't see anything. it's so wrong. jack, please. i don't want to die like this.

>> miriam , what was the last thing you remember before making the call?

>> oh!

>> scary.

>> is that the first time you've seen that?

>> yeah, i haven't seen that yet. it's spooky.

>> you're on "veep," " hannibal ," dark, happy. which are you?

>> oh, all of it. i'm an actor.

>> i love it.

>> let's start talking about "veep." we'll get to " hannibal " in a second because it is so different. this show has just exploded. it's taken off, and julia louis dreyfus is great. but the ensemble is so good. we had tony hale here last week. he talked about how much fun it is to be on the show.

>> it is.

>> has it been a pleasant surprise for you to watch the reaction?

>> it's been an absolute pleasure. i mean, when we all got together in the beginning, we knew how much we liked it. and that's kind of enough. you're like oh, well, we had a blast and got paid for it, hallelujah and that 's wonderful . so if anybody else likes it, that's gravy. so this has just been like heaps and heaps and heaps of gravy. to extend the metaphor. but yeah, i love it.

>> you play the ultra conservative character to julia louis dreyfus 's character. her aide.

>> i'm her chief of staff. amy runs the entire office. she's the ceo of the selena meyer company is how i always put it. so yeah, she has to be more straight-laced, i think, and kind of play the game right so that selena can feel she has the freedom to be who she is.

>> have you seen the " rolling stone " cover yet? the controversy with julia. you've seen it? what do you make of all the fuss, the john hancock is misplaced.

>> i think she's obviously absolutely stunning, and we can all hope to look as she does at any time in our lives. but yeah, i mean, i don't know. i don't think that accuracy was on their priority list.

>> the rumor is that it was planned to play off of the mischief that happens on the show.

>> oh. okay. i mean, that's their prerogative. the side bar on all of our characters, kind of had like random people as well, like, from different departments. i don't think accuracy was their priority.

>> her response too was incredible. julia louis dreyfus . when she tweeted out her baby photo. she said this is actually a tattoo.

>> it's a birthmark.

>> she has shamelessly shown us that birthmark since day one.

>> do you have an interesting birthmark?

>> i've got one on my leg. it's no fun. it looks like an archipelego. it's very light. not important.

>> not important.

>> one we've still yet to discover.

>> before we let you go, tell us about this character you're playing in " hannibal ."

>> miriam , as many of the characters on that show has had kind of a rough go of it, she was jack, laurence fishburne 's character. she was a protege. and she ended up getting captured. we all in the first season thought perhaps that was it for miriam . and then we discovered that hannibal 's been keeping her and messing with her