TODAY   |  April 11, 2014

KISS: ‘Come see the best band in the world’

The legendary band visit TODAY to talk about their upcoming tour, being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Thursday, and hiring two veterans as roadies for their tour.

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>> legendary band kiss was inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame last night here in new york city . last most things kiss related, it wasn't completely without controversy. we are pleased to have them with us this morning. paul stanley , gene simmons , eric singer and tommy fair. kiss, good morning. great to see you guys. this is a big deal . what did it feel like onstage last night? what did it feel like in that room? nostalgia? memories? what?

>> it was really vindication, because the fans have wanted this for so long, so it may not have meant as much to us, but it meant a lot to them. and we were very happy to be there. we have 40 years of legacy. and it's a proud time for us.

>> gene, what were the memories that it brought up for you?

>> yesterday is yesterday. we've never run a race looking over our shoulders in the past. winners always look straight forward. what we're looking forward to is honoring our brave, brave military and i don't want to lead the witness, your honor, but go to because what we're doing is something really special. paul, tell them about it.

>> we are going to hire -- it's part of an organization and part of a movement calls hiring our heroes. people have to realize that the freedoms and the liberties that we enjoy here, we take for granted. the people that make it possible are part of the world's greatest volunteer army . these people risk limbs, they risk their lives for us. we owe them everything. so if we can hire a few of them just to bring attention to the fact that we owe them everything. god bless our troops. so we're here to hire two of them.

>> isn't that great? that's really nice. we did something with one of the roadies not long ago as well. tommy , eric on the end there. also there's big news. you guys are going on the road again? you want to share that?

>> we're going out on our 40th anniversary tour. we'll be doing at least 40 to 50 shows in america. we have def leppard with us, so it's going to be a great time for everybody. and we will have two heroes on tour with us. they are the ones in uniform, whose uniforms are even more important than ours.

>> all right, gene, you're going to scowl at me.

>> no, i'm not.

>> that's okay. scowl at me. because this induction ceremony last night did have controversy surrounding it. why couldn't we just figure out a solution that would have been pleasing to everybody?

>> there are no solutions. there's only we get to decide who and what kiss is. we love ace and peter, and they were very gracious yesterday in accepting the award to be part of the beginning, but we move on. this is a 40-year proud history. and eric and tommy make every day on that stage a wonderful, wonderful experience. not just for us. we like being together, bonding onstage. but it's an experience for the fans. are you sick and tired of the same old same old bands that get up onstage, think they're doing you by a favor and strumming acoustic guitar? you come out and see the best band in the world.

>> all right, you mentioned def leppard and the tour. you mentioned hiring our heroes. we've got one other little surprise. let's turn to natalie over here who's going to share that with us.

>> matt, who do you think are the biggest kiss fans right here in our audience? tyler, derek, mike, and dylan. now, as i understand, high school seniors. you show up to a celebrity day at your school wearing these costumes and told go home, we don't know who you are. but these guys know who you are. you were at the hall of fame last night. come on out here. i'm going to give you a chance. i know your moms made your dream come true taking you there last night. i know you guys want to say a couple words to your heroes here. come on over. what do you want to tell them.

>> i don't even know what to say.

>> kind of speechless.

>> star struck right now.

>> don't even know what to