TODAY   |  April 11, 2014

Boston bombing survivor: ‘I remember the screams’

In the latest installment of TODAY’s “Shine a Light” series, Natalie Morales, who will be running in the Boston Marathon, sits down with some survivors training for this year’s race, even though they’re still recovering from the bombing last year.

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>>> more of our "shine a light" campaign, our effort to support worthy causes throughout the entire year. natalie 's been focusing on people who are still recovering from the boston marathon bombing, and actually going to run in this year's race.

>> it's coming right up. that's right, april 21st . i've been training hard for what will be an emotional day. i'm hoping to raise money and awareness, as you know, for the recovery for many of the families affect eed by last year's bombing. i'm looking forward to an incredible day with one of those families that i've gotten to know over the past year. running is my thing. it's my release. it's my outlet. it's freedom. breakfast of champions right here. i've run five marathons. boston will be my sixth. this time, it's going to be a lot different i think because of the emotions. i think as i'm running, i'm going to be thinking about how far everybody's come just in the last year. families like the corkerans whose lives were turned upsidedown one year ago. celeste was at the finish line last april waiting for her sister carmen to complete her first marathon. neither could anticipate how difficult that road ahead would be. celeste's daughter sydney was critically injured in the blast that ultimately took celeste's legs.

>> i can remember just about everything. the screaming, how it changed so quick from one second to the next.

>> celeste and sydney recovered together in a boston hospital room, recovery that still continues at home surrounded by family.

>> every single day since april 15th has been a post-marathon day. we're trying to get to our new normal.

>> the road to recovery has been filled with incredible challenges and milestones for this family, who will never take another step for granted.

>> the first time in my own house that i, with my legs on, climbed my staircase up to my bedroom, when i reached that top step, i was like, yes.

>> you've been saying that a lot to yourself lately. yes.

>> yes.

>> carmen has been training again, and hoping to finish the race she wasn't able to. celeste has been doing things she's never done before, like rock climbing .

>> yes!

>> woohoo!

>> and yes, she took up running for the first time after losing her legs and plans to be there at the finish line once again.

>> i would love to be able to run on my feet, whether it's 50 feet or 100 feet. when carmen 's coming around, join hands , and cross the finish line together.

>> carmen , for you to be able to finally do what you set out to do over a year ago, emotionally, what will that moment be like for you, do you think?

>> i don't know. you know, take it one step at a time, one mile at a time. and then just really embrace how it feels to finally finish.

>> that will be one of those yes moments.

>> we're going to walk first, right?

>> sometimes all you need to get to the finish are good friends.

>> woo!

>> there were times when i would think, am i going to laugh at anything ever again?

>> we made sure she did.

>> aw.

>> you see, this family happens to enjoy a good fall.

>> i took natalie out.

>> and when they fall, they do what they do best. pick themselves up and start again.

>> she is such a champ. and i enjoyed that fall, i will say.

>> you have the marks to prove it.

>> i still have the marks to prove it. you were wondering where i got those the other day. but i can't wait to join them on race day. i am raising money for the bombing victims and those in need of prosthetics, and to donate, please visit our website, natalie . approaching $14,000. so anyone who can, please, if you can doe fate, we appreciate it. i'll give you a chance perhaps to get a backstage tour of the "today" show right here as well.

>> cool.

>> that's a good deal.

>> i will guide that tour.

>> i knew we had talked about your fall. i knew it was in the piece. and i still was shocked when it happened. i wasn't expecting it.

>> but she really reacted well. and you're going to be in boston next tuesday.

>> i will be in boston on tuesday for the anniversary as well. marathon monday will be right around the corner.

>> on that subject, we should mention there will be much more on the bombing and its aftermath tonight on " brian williams reporting 108 hours inside the hunt for the boston marathon bombers." that's 8:00/7:00 central time on nbc. you can watch exclusive national coverage of the marathon april 21st on the universal sports network.