TODAY   |  April 11, 2014

Workers can avoid work emails after hours in France

A groundbreaking deal between French union workers and their bosses says workers will have the right to stop using work tools after logging a 13-hour day.

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>>> what's trending today. here is a big question for everyone on a friday. what if after you left work every day, you didn't have to answer a single e-mail or phone call from the office? sounds like a dream, right? well, it's a reality for some workers in, where else, france. this the rul of a ground breaking deal between union workers and their bosses. if the government approves, workers will have the right to stop using work tools like e-mail and smart phones after logging a 13-hour day. the agreement covers less than a million workers in the engineering and tech sectors but it still has a lot of people all over the world wondering, what if?

>> and saying viva la france .

>> they get some things very right over there. wouldn't it change your lives? it would be impossible in our jobs. but in a lot of businesses, wouldn't it be life-changing if you didn't have to deal with work?

>> you might be excited to go to work after.

>> i know my kids would appreciate that if we could