TODAY   |  April 11, 2014

KISS starts selfie chain on TODAY

The band takes a selfie to help TODAY break the Guinness World Record for longest selfie chain.Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> we tried to set the record for the world's longest selfie chain. carson , how did that work out for us?

>> it worked out great all week until yesterday, the wheels kind of fell off, matt. we were trying to break the selfie chain. 250 selfies. got off to a good start. there's jason. he actually started things off. but there's rules to this guinness worlds record thing. they're very strict, too. there was that picture that jason took. natalie, you came in and disrupted the chain.

>> blame me, carson !

>> and everybody came in. there's a rule. you have to stay in place until the competition is over. but you guys were in the studio in about five seconds. this is a perfect picture. because you have to show the selfie taker's arm. that's one of the selfie chain rules. matt, there's yours. that's too much arm.

>> yeah, that was a hand.

>> which is what i'm saying to you right now. talk to the hand , carson .

>> we didn't break the record because we blew it, collectively as a group. but we're going to try it again.

>> we are?

>> hold on a second. hey, fellows, can you help me out? say hi to kiss, everybody.

>> now we're talking!

>> inductees into the rock 'n' roll music hall of fame right here.

>> oh, man!

>> i don't think that counts.

>> hey, congratulations, fellows, on last night. 100 million records sold right here. these are the men of kiss. thank you, guys. we're going to start the selfie chain. if you have a rock band in your office, do it with them and send us the photos.

>> you're setting yourself up for failure because they're going to be interviewed by me in