Image: ***BESTPIX*** Hillary Clinton Addresses Recycling Industries Trade Conference In Las Vegas
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TODAY   |  April 11, 2014

Hillary Clinton dodges flying shoe during speech

A woman threw a show that just missed Hillary Clinton after she took the stage at a solid waste management meeting in Las Vegas on Thursday. The woman was arrested.

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>>> hillary clinton had some luck on her side in las vegas thursday when a woman threw a shoe at her during a speech. take a look. this came just after clinton took to the stage at a solid waste management meeting in mandalay bay casino. the woman walked down the aisle and threw that shoe, but as you saw, missed the former secretary of state. she then turned around and ran for the exit. the woman was arrested, of course. this isn't the first time that a high-ranking political figure has been involved in a shoe incident. you recall in 2008 , an iraqi journalist also threw a pair of shoes at president george w. bush at the time during a news conference in baghdad. and mrs. clinton had good reflexes and really quick on the quip as well, saying is this part of the cirque du soleil act.

>> i will say, president bush , much faster. she was excellent.