TODAY   |  April 11, 2014

Officials: Signal likely not from Flight 370

Officials revealed that the latest signal detected in the Indian Ocean was likely not from the plane’s data recordings. But they’re confident that crews are looking in the right area. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>> got some new developments in the hunt for malaysia flight 370.

>>> officials are revealing that latest signal detected in the indian ocean was not likely from the plane's data recorders, but they are confident that crews are still looking in the right area. katy tur is in perth, australia with more. katy , good morning.

>> reporter: a little bit of housekeeping to report. the pings we were talking about yesterday were confirmed to not be part of mh 370. but still searchers say they are undeterred. the australian prime minister tony abbott visited shanghai today on a diplomatic mission . he told reporters out there that they are pretty sure they know where the black boxes are within a few kilometers. now, the head of the search party angus houston refused to confirm that today. he refused to go that far, saying that he had no major breakthroughs to report. but they are still searching 1,500 miles northwest of where we are standing right now in perth, australia. they will continue to listen, continue to look out there. probably for the next few days, well into next week. and that's when they'll start deploying that underwater submarine. the unmanned submarine. blue fin 21, which will start scanning the ocean floor . natalie?

>> katy tur in kuala lumpur , malaysia. thank you.