TODAY   |  April 10, 2014

Eggscellent!  Create adorable Easter treats

DIY entrepreneur Erica Domesek shows Kathie Lee and Hoda how to make some delicious treats just in time for Easter, inducing Egg Krispie Cake and Peep mobiles.

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>>> easter is one of the most important religious holidays, so when it comes to kids, let's face it, they love the treats also that come with it.

>> you don't have to wait for the easter bunny . diy queen erica domisek has goodies you can make with your little ones . and her book is "ps i made this." erica made all of this in one night for us.

>> you did? thank you.

>> i'm fast. i'm good with a peep. what can i say? speaking of peeps , these are my -- you're my peeps , but these are my favorite peeps of the season.

>> the cutest thing.

>> the holidays are about getting together with your friends and family. this is a cute thing to do for entertaining. this is a little party stick with a couple of jellybeans and peeps . we put them on a skewer. but they're cute for cocktails and for kids too. smoothies, milk drinks. put it right on top.

>> what is the shelf life for one of those.

>> get into the holiday spirit. now, this is also something that anybody can do at home. we all love rice crispies , right? sometimes cakes take a long time to bake. this is very ps and it takes a couple of minutes. rice crispy treats, if you don't want to make an entire sheet, you can buy a brick yourself and make it into an easter egg cake. trace the outline of an egg shape , which we started to do here. cut it away. and icing and that's pretty much it.

>> oh.

>> you would like that.

>> that looks like fun.

>> anybody can do it. different colors. everything from pink and, you know, all the fun little do-dads to sprinkle around.

>> love. love. cute.

>> get creative. do different --

>> i love this. i don't know what it is and i love it.

>> i knew you would be excited about this one.

>> that's sweet.

>> this one, who would think we would do balloons, right? if you blow up a couple of balloons, melt some chocolate, do white chocolate , dark chocolate , whatever you really love, once it is soft and you dip it, actually before it sets, you sprinkle some nonparels, wait for it to set. i'll give you a pin. pop it for me. these are dessert bowls.

>> oh, my god.

>> aren't these great?

>> adorable.

>> edible. you have any latex allergies, be careful of that. you can fill them with icing, snacks. and these are pretzels you can sprinkle on top. this is for my friends at --

>> this is a cute one.

>> look at the motor cars .

>> these are --

>> twinkie-biles.

>> twinkies, pretzels, marshmallows with sticks as wheels.

>> okay.

>> cutest.

>> and over here, hi, guys. we're making more peeps . but these aren't really peeps that -- these are our bunny peeps , our friends. now, kids love decorating eggs. instead of dyeing them, which can be messy, we have taken to using some cardboard and cake and markers.

>> what is your name?

>> riley.

>> what is your name?

>> julia.

>> riley and julia. how great are these? i love these. we have bunnies. if you want, you can put a little, you know, a tail on them with a cotton ball . get creative.

>> all great ideas.

>> really lovely. thank you so much.

>> thanks, kids.

>> to a different kind of