TODAY   |  April 10, 2014

Goldie Hawn: ‘I weep’ over school stabbingsa

The Hawn Foundation, started by actress Goldie Hawn, is committed to helping teens improve their academic performance, and now the organization is teaming up with Dr. Oz to encourage a healthier lifestyle for young people. She reflects on the school stabbing rampage in Pennsylvania and says that not dealing with “emotional literacy” can hold kids back.

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>>> we are so excited.

>> we are. that's because with us is the academy award winning, goldie hawn !

>> she's by far one of hollywood's most beloved actresses known for her roles in countless movies including " private benjamin ," which she produced and "overboard" where she starred alongside her long time partner curt russell.

>> one of her favorite projects is called the hawn foundation which provides youth education programs and life strategies to improve academic performance. we need a lot of that.

>> now she's teaming up with everybody's favorite tv doctor, dr. mehmet oz .

>> and she's here. everybody is happy, just in time for spring.

>> we love --

>> just a breath of fresh air when she walks in.

>> you're lucky you missed this winter. welcome to new york now.

>> i heard. i was sad i wasn't here in the winter because i love the apartment, i love living in new york. and when i was going to come, i thought maybe it is not time because the delays and the planes and the weather. never, ever was, you know, stopped by the weather because it is just -- things are changing.

>> this initiative that goldie, you know, you love education. i went to one education forum with you, i'll never forget, you did your panel and you stayed for everyone else's because it really means a lot to you.

>> it does. it does. it is education but also the kind of education we do. we want a lot of literacy, we want good reading, we want science, we want math, we want our kids to excel, right? however, we're not dealing with emotional literacy. and that's what keeps kids back. their anxieties, their fears, their stressors and they come into class and they have so much stress. and we never know it. they don't share it. so this program helps just get underneenl ath it and gives children a chance to deal with their stress.

>> when we were growing up in the maryland area, i don't remember having four or five hours of homework at night, like kids have today. part of that, the stress is real because there is so much at stake for them you got to get in the right school. we never talked about stuff like that. not everybody went to college. people found jobs. the world is a different place.

>> it is a very different place. there sis a lot of stress. there is a lot of peer pressure . there is a lot of parental pressure. it is an interesting thing because you look at this program, you say, what is it geared for?

>> how is it different?

>> we teach the brain. we teach how their brains work. we give them a real split up on their tool, the biggest tool they have.

>> they know what's going on inside.

>> they know what's going on inside. that's number one. number two, we have three brain breaks a day. in the classroom, they manage their emotions, they get to calm down and it is a time-out and make it really cool and they used it in all kinds of ways, going to sleep, taking tests, dealing with stress with family or kids or parents. the stories are amazing. then we do act of kindness. we do gratitude journals. and the reason we do that is because it brings children out of depression. it brings grown-ups out of depression.

>> they focus on something positive.

>> something positive. something other than themselves and they feel empowered because they're giving something back. so building these tools is their life tools.

>> we're so happy for you.

>> that's why she hasn't done any movies.

>> we're looking at your panel back here.

>> interesting, you know? i made tons of movies and i got to a place where i really looked at my life, and i thought, where am i putting my energy for the next 15 years? and not to say i don't want to make movies, but life has to grow. we have to change. and --

>> it is a legacy you want to leave.

>> i have to say, it is turning out to be that way. it is not what i wanted to do. it wasn't that i wanted to leave a legacy. i figured this is enough. but in terms of doing something good, it made me feel like i was doing something to improve the state of mind of our children.

>> sure.

>> i was very, very hurt. look, yesterday, i was at the dr. oz event, we're dong a partnership, i hadn't heard about what happen ee eed in pennsylvania. i weeped, i cried. i thought how sick are these kids.

>> the situation we live in today.

>> that's why i'm doing what i'm doing.

>> we all thank you.

>> thank you.

>> we love you.

>> now, when are we going to go have our dance party ?

>> dance party --

>> we have to have --

>> we're going to do one. we're rescheduling it because hugh jackman 's movie is coming up.