TODAY   |  April 10, 2014

Blue Apron, Bespoke: Best box-of-the-month clubs

Technology journalist Natali Morris joins TODAY to discuss some subscription box services that could make your life easier by saving you money and time.

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>>> all day with barely enough time to get to the mall, we've got ideas to make your life easier.

>> natalie morris is here with the best boxed services of the month. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> why are they so appealing across the board?

>> not only are they convenient, but i find them super fun because they range in category from food to clothes. it makes me cooler than i am that i'm not shopping at the mall like everyone else. some of these are handpicked for your taste.

>> you're plenty cool.

>> i'm grad you think that.

>> blue apron is a big one. you like that, how comy.

>> i like this because this is weekly delivery of meals. they give you recipe cards so it's idiot-proof and they give you everything that goes into. so the directions are really well written. and these are average meals that average 30 minutes to make.

>> do they have one meal?

>> it's 9.99 per person per meal. and you order a few days at a time. we don't want to put too much processed stuff on our table. so it's all fresh ingredients delivered in these. they come refrigerated, too.

>> everything. next box?

>> okay. this is stitch fix. i love this. this is like having your own personal stylist. you get a box. one box per month full of a few things that they think you're going to like. you try it on in your house, you send back what you don't want. how do they know your taste and size? you fill out a survey. you link them to your social network . like my pinterest board, so they know what kinds of things i like to wear. it's well-selected stuff. and it's not cheap stuff that's going to fall apart. and things like banana republic .

>> you send back what you don't want.

>> what you don't want, you don't pay for it.

>> okay.

>> this is for modern man. for men, about $45 a month. and you get hand-selected just kind of novelty things. they say they want to make an interesting man more interesting. so here's glasses that they like. here's a bow tie . it does not come with instructions. so you have to have this skill. there's some really fun cuff links in here. so each month has a different theme. and you can buy the boxes a la carte, if you don't want a description as well.

>> that's a fabulous gift as well.

>> isn't that nice?

>> this is so festive and fun.

>> this is kiwi crate. it's children's crafts. it comes with art supplies and directions. it's between $15 and $16 a month. and you tell them your child's age. i start might son on these when he was 2. i was actually pretty surprised had was able to do a lot of these crafts. look at these farmer's market things.

>> i've got to get in on that.

>> they love that. and they come with the scissors and the hole punches we use on the projects. it makes my kids think i'm more crafty than i really am. church box, this is the female line and this is the male line . the male line is 20. this helps you discover products, how many times do you say, i might like that mascara, i might like that cream but it's a little too expensive. you pay $10 a month. if you like it, you go online and buy the whole thing. i've discovered fun treats in there.

>> this is so awesome, you don't have to go to the store and have people spray you with perfume.

>> this came in the men's one. my husband likes these. and they're collapsable.

>> those are great.

>> it's fun to discover new things this way.

>> it is. love that.