TODAY   |  April 10, 2014

Natalie voices newscaster role in ‘Rio 2’

TODAY’s Natalie Morales takes us behind the scenes of the upcoming animated film with director Carlos Saldanha. She voices the role of a newscaster.

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>>> round up the kids because the new movie " rio 2" is hitting the theaters tomorrow.

>> none other than than our own natalie voicing the role of who else, a newscaster.

>> in brazil, announced an important discovery today.

>> we believe we have encountered a wild blue macaw deep in the amazon jungle .

>> the blue macaw was thought to be practically extinct, the last living family living in rio de janeiro .

>> if these birds can be found, their home will be saved.

>> oh, good, nat.

>> rio de janeiro .

>> i did have a few seconds of fame. obviously, my voice did but the guy who deserves the credit, the film director, i sat down to talk bruno mars with him and brazil.

>> the world is full of vibrant colors. beautiful lush terrain, and all the samba music your heart desires. and " rio 2" it's the animated sequel to " rio " which made more than 500 million worldwide.

>> you bring it all to life in bigger, bolder, more colorful ways than ever.

>> you have to have pressure new ideas.

>> reporter: the brazilian native carlos saldano, these are close to his heart.

>> these really are love letters to rio , right?

>> yes. something is missing there, it's the flavor.

>> flavor that came in part from the sound. the music is like a whole other character?

>> the music, yes, is one of the main characters of the story. when i pitched the movie, i pitched with music attached to it.

>> with a soundtrack including stars like bruno mars, janelle monae and

>> what's it like directing people like anne hathaway ?

>> it's a fun exercise. like actors in a studio like you're rehearsing or playing with it. so it's fun for them.

>> i know just the thing.

>> carlos is no stranger to animation. also on his resume, the "ice age" franchise, blockbuster hit after hit after hit.

>> nobody move a muscle.

>> ahh!

>> reporter: but he owes-his creative genius to his pint size counterparts.

>> do your kids get involved in the creative process , saying, dad, that's not a good idea?

>> sometimes, luckily, they like all my movies so i'm in good shape there.

>> for those who are watching the samba who may never get a chance to go to brazil, is this your way of bringing a little bit of that to them?

>> yeah, i thought if you cannot get everybody to get to rio , brazil. it's a joy with the movie. to get to share rio and brazil with the global audience. and i think that's what matters at the end of the day .

>> the animation is terrific. you see how beautiful and colorful it is. and i love that carlos always includes in the films a great lesson for adults and kids. as an environmentalist, wanting to show the importance of the rain forest . opening up.

>> yeah, natalie.

>> it's a lot of fun.