TODAY   |  April 10, 2014

Exercise ball Guinness record broken on TODAY

Fitness trainer Michelle Bridges leads several hundred participants on TODAY as they set out to break the Guinness World Record for the largest exercise ball class.

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>>> now to spring breakers today. what a week it's been so far. monday, a woman attempted to pull a truck in high-heels. that didn't go so well. then we witnessed a trampoline bounce on tuesday. on wednesday, we saw that bald is definitely beautiful with the most heads shaved in an hour. this morning, we're attempting the largest fitness training exercise ball with fitness trainer michelle . before we start the clock, here's a little bit more about michelle .

>> meet michelle bridges . one of australia 's top health and fitness trainers who is now ready to make her mark in the united states . over the last 25 years, bridges has helped thousands shed weight and find healthier versions of themselves.

>> va voom, i am your trainer.

>> not only is she the trainer in australia 's "the biggest looser." she's the driving force behind a health book called "the body transformation." since four years ago, bridges said she's helped people lose a collective 200 pounds. as a world record , bridges is no stranger to breaking them. she previously held the guinness world record for the largest circuit training class achieved back in may 2012 in melbourne, australia . and she's hopinging to bring home a new title today. all right. michelle 's here along with guinness world record . and natalie