TODAY   |  April 10, 2014

Hugs, bashing: 5 things to avoid at a job interview

Looking for a new job? According to a new list you shouldn’t arrive too early and bash your previous employer, among other things.

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>>> all right. here's one for all of you in the market for a new job. you want to hear this "business insider" has a list of five things you should never do at a job interview . see if you've ever don this. play along. first, don't arrive too early. your interview might be forced to wrap up to meet with you then they get annoyed. don't slash you or your current employer. it makes you look bad. and don't stay silent. instead, be sure to ask questions that show you're interested. also don't bring food and drink to your interviews.

>> no nachos?

>> no nachos or coffee.

>> and finally, no matter how long the interview goes resist the urge to look.

>>> jenna bush hager gave us the first look at her dad's art. with heads of state and vladimir putin .

>> today on the show. he forgot one leader.

>> congratulations, dad.