TODAY   |  April 10, 2014

Sneezes: More dangerous than we thought?

A new report from M.I.T. reveals just how easy it is to get sick from other people.

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>>> with what's trending today. this one is so gross. you know when someone sneezes it's polite to say god bless you. well maybe, we should say god bless the rest of us. a new report from m.i.t. shows how easy it is for us to get sick. coughs and sneezes travel much that's correct than what we thought. up to 200 times further. here's what it looks like when you don't cover your mouth. scientists call this a multiphase turbulent buoyant cloud.

>> that's a vortex.

>> no, germs. that invisible cloud can fly across a room allowing germs into ventilation systems which then spread even farther. so one sneeze can go around the globe.

>> i'm going to say i rest my case.

>> i'm telling you, i want a tissue, all of a sudden.

>> do you believe that.

>> incredible.

>> and when you cover it --

>> wow.

>> next time you see someone not covering their nose and mouth, run in the other