TODAY   |  April 10, 2014

FBI rescues kidnapping victim

An elite FBI team has rescued a North Carolina man five days after he disappeared from his house while taking a bike ride. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

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>>> we started this morning with a couple of difficult stories. you have a better ending or outcome to another story.

>> at least there's a good ending here. a lead fbi team has rescued a north carolina man five days after he disappeared from his house following a bike ride. pete is in washington with details.

>> good morning. it was the fbi 's highly trained hostage rescue team that made this recovery safely. authorities say 63-year-old frank arthur jansen had been missing from his home in wake forest , north carolina . his wife became concerned after she saw what she thought were drops of blood. the fbi came in and he was rescued unhurt from his captors in an apartment complex in southeast atlanta. police aren't saying what they believe the motive was for the kidnapping but law enforcement officials say this daughter is a local prosecutor in north carolina . and they're investigating whether jansen's captors were ever prosecuted by her or her office.