TODAY   |  April 10, 2014

Terrifying truck collision caught on camera

A massive truck flipped on its side and slammed head-on into a van. The terrifying view of the van driver, who somehow managed to survive, is captured in dash-cam footage.

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>>> video to show you. this is captured on the dash cam of a minivan in texas. it shows a college professor riding along a busy road in college station as he approaches an intersection. take a look at what he sees there. a cement truck running a red light . lost control. tipped on its side, crashed right into him. amazingly, he was okay and while the minivan was damaged it wasn't nearly as damaged as you would think. he had installed the camera on his car about a year ago just in case he got into an accident. i guess it served him well.

>> that is unbelievable that he walked away.

>> and just the car is injured.