TODAY   |  April 10, 2014

Manhunt on for Florida hit-and-run driver

The search goes on in Florida for a suspected hit-and-run driver who triggered a deadly crash into a day care center filled with children. One child has died, and several are injured. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> to florida, the search is on this morning to a hit and run driver leading to a deadly accident in a day care center . kerry sanders has the story. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. sadly, one child has died. 11 more injured. one is critical and three adults. it is a horrific scene and panic. parents heard about a car going through the front door of the day care center here. the whole wall, you can see right there they've now put up the panel wood to cover where the wall collapsed. this morning, this has now turned into a manhunt, as police say they are looking for the person responsible.

>> rescue 63. 4035 --

>> reporter: ambulances raced to the kinder care learning center along with frantic parents. what they found was a nightmare of injured children.

>> the injuries on the children range from severe, critical, all the way through to minor.

>> reporter: police say the day care center was full of children. when a silver dodge durango forced another car off the road, sending it crashing into the building. one of the vehicles struck the rear of the other vehicle. and that vehicle traveled into the day care . a 4-year-old girl died. one little 3-year-old girl was pinned under the car.

>> and she's just not doing well. she's in icu.

>> reporter: the driver of the durango pled. and the man they say was driving 28-year-old alex corchado. they found the vehicle in front of his home but no sign of corchado. police say he rented a car which they've identified. police describe corchado as dangerous. he served time for cocaine trafficking according to a court record and out on bail on another case, hit and run and leaving the scene of an accident. at the time of the accident, more than 50 children and adults were in the day care center .

>> we're just grateful that it wasn't worse than what it is.

>> reporter: the driver of the car that was forced through the front wall here here at the day care center was not physically injured in the accident and has not been charged. savannah.

>> what a sad situation. kerry sanders in orlando, thank you.