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TODAY   |  April 09, 2014

Kristin Chenoweth couldn’t put ‘Fifty Shades’ down

In the animated movie “Rio 2,” the beautiful and bubbly Kristin Chenoweth plays a poisonous frog who falls in love with a big, bad bird. She tells Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about the awkward moment when she introduced her boyfriend, who is producing the film version of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” to her conservative parents.

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>>> kristin chenoweth is one of hollywood's most talented actresses and singers in films and broadway productions.

>> she won a tony in "you're a good man, charlie brown ."

>> her newest project has her playing a poisonous frog in love with a big, bad bird in the new animated film "rio 2."

>> so cute.

>> take a look.

>> only one who knows what it feels like to be all alone, misunderstood. you're the evil to my levil.

>> i can see why they call you gabby. where are you, you filthy fowl? whoa!

>> oh!

>> oh, it's so cute. we love having you. your voice is so distinctive, too. i bet they didn't even think of any other actress.

>> i don't know, but i was, like, are you serious? i'm going to play this pink poisonous frog?

>> and you wore chartreuse through the whole film. we all can relate to that. we all have done our naming through the years.

>> yes, we have. this time it's on her, and she can't kiss him or touch him or she'd kill him. i always say she's a little bit of a stalker because he doesn't love her back, but she just won't give up.

>> it's an adorable score, and i sing a love song to him while he's sleeping that is classic.

>> everybody loves you when you're asleep, you know.

>> and your operatic voice. how many octaves do you have, missy?

>> i love that you're asking this question because you know.

>> no, i think it's got to be four at least.

>> i sing from a low "e" to a high "e."

>> so how many is that?

>> that's four.

>> wow!

>> can i count my octaves?

>> how do you do it? you're itty bitty?

>> you're just a peanut. stop it. the littlest you've ever been.

>> am i shrinking?

>> a little. but not the reap thson that i'm shrinking. you're working for it.

>> you know how we talk about her cute boyfriend.

>> oh, my gosh. we were there at the academy awards , and who comes waltzing by by this lovely poisonous frog. he's very cute.

>> a little bit on the risque side, given what he's working on, "50 shades of grey ."

>> he's one of the producers, right?

>> he's one of the producers.

>> tell everyone what happened when you took him home to norman, oklahoma, to meet your parents who are very baptist, as i remember.

>> they were very sweet. they don't know what "50 shades of grey " is.

>> it's a hair color .

>> pretty much. she would agree. he's doing this movie. they wanted to know, what's it about? dana was like uh, uh, uh. i said, it's this book. it's hard to explain. you'll just have to read it. she goes" 50 shades of grey ." that's not what i think it is, is it? and she used the "p" word.

>> what word?

>> porn. and at that point my boyfriend had a heart attack. but it's not. it's very tastefully done. it's not that. it's a good book.

>> did you read it? did you read the book?

>> when she wasn't reading the bible, yes, she was reading that book.

>> that's me.

>> that's you. that's kristin.

>> i was on tour and i would not even give an encore. i was, like -- i would read, read, read and go do another show. what's wrong with me?

>> it's juicy. kath, you've got to get in there, get into it.

>> who has not read -- i love you. and let me get back to the frog.

>> please, please.

>> this is an adorable little movie. and how are you feeling? because you took that -- and david letterman , i know some people are mad at him because he dropped a sandbag near you and thought it was hysterical. what was that about?

>> you know, it weighed about as much as a pillow.

>> really?

>> it scared me when i saw the clip.

>> oh, did it scare you?

>> i jumped and i looked at your face and i said, my god, is she going to have posttraumatic?

>> but i do look up wherever i'm at now.

>> she's an unbelievable trouper.

>> everything's okay? you're back in business?

>> i'm back in business. it's taken a while. you know, and i still feel it, but i'm getting there. i'm alive.

>> you're an optimist.

>> quit trying out all that stuff in "50 shades" and you'll heal up. stop hanging from the chandelier. "rio 2" opens nationwide this friday. it's very cute.