TODAY   |  April 09, 2014

KLG, Hoda take a look at creative mom selfies

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb get to peek at some of the creative photos moms sent in for the Epic Everyday Getaway contest from sponsor American Express.

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>>> last week we told you about american express 's epic everyday getaway when we asked you to submit photos of your inspired everyday moments.

>> you and your best friend could be chosen for a three-day getaway. we couldn't help but show you some of the cute ones we received.

>> look at you, miss hoda.

>> kelly, her 4-year-old playing next to her while she was taking a quick mom nap on the couch. when she woke up, she was covered in ponies.

>> tina wheldon. he was trying to tell her he got it on his face and in his hair. he decided to lick the nutella off his mommy's face. he looks like baby george.

>> he does.

>> and karen sent the next photo. oh, my god, karen's a city police officer who works long hours. this picture was taken this past christmas when her husband drove an hour to bring her dinner and a christmas kiss from one of her sons.

>> lovely. and this one is from sandra who always loves spending time with her two girls. she is her love for them is unconditional. and i think that's a sentiment that all parents understand very, very well.

>> these are terrific, terrific pictures. it's not too late to submit a photo of your everyday mom moment. for all